Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

What the…? I’m a newbie around here and Just stumbled upon this threat. What in tarnation is going on here? Lmao.

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This is the thread where all of the “I’ve been microchipped against my will” posts get sent to.

The thing is…I get contacted all the time by people concerned they are being monitored or tracked or stalked… and they freely offer up money and their phone number and address and a ton of information. They are desperate… so while it’s clearly a joke… it’s treading a line because literally I’ve had multiple people give up basically all that information without me even asking because they are hoping for relief. Unfortunately they are typically too far gone to deviate from the “chip implant” scenario to be capable of saving themselves. Sad.

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It is a threat :wink:

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I realise that you are joking, but some of these people might not.

In most cases the symptoms that they report could have real physical causes. The problem is that they may well be invested in the “I have an implant” answer so they are not looking for another answer they want help with the “answer” that they have.

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I was about to write this exact same thing…

Ability to identify sarcasm is scarcer than we think… and gets even lower the higher you are desperate to hear what is said!

That is what gets me the most…
There are many cases reported here that can be something quite serious which won’t ever be investigated due to the desperate speech that follows suit.

In many cases we don’t help either by stating “you should see a psychiatrist!”…
In some cases a psychiatrist would not be able to help either… Take the last example we had here… the guy was pretty much describing a case of synesthetic Migraine and we shoved him away with more of “you are just crazy” discourse…

Grant you that a good batch of the cases that pop here might be off the notch, but some might not be. And in either case being just another person telling them to seek therapy would seldom do much good…

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Indeed, I don’t want to tell people “go see a therapist” because that is not necessarily the right answer.

If they have physical symptoms those can point to a potentially serious problem. In some cases it might not need to be a serious problem. If there is a potential cause for those symptoms they should be encouraged to talk to someone who might be able to perform some tests and provide a proper diagnosis.

If their doctor dismisses them without performing any tests then they really need to get a better doctor.


Agreed, the problem we have though, this is the internet, this is not where these people should be seeking help.

I feel it is better for us to let them post here, where we can make an effort to help and / or direct them to seek professional help.

The alternative is we delete all their posts and their own thread and then they end up on conspiracy site that would feed their delusions. ( Which they likely do anyway after not hear what they want to hear)

Maybe it is just as much therapy for us to help, as it is for them looking /asking for it.

Just my


Indeed, it is (in my opinion) better for them to come here and be told: “No, that isn’t possible yet. But have you talked to a doctor about these symptoms, it could be something serious that you need to have checked out.”

If they don’t want to hear it we can’t help them, but at least we can try.


True that.
Unfortunately we also live in a society that glorifies doctors to an extent that people go into denial before accepting they could’ve been misdiagnosed.
So good luck convincing anyone to get a second opinion.

I can get that, though… I mean, no one would like to consider that the one person responsible for it’s health - and to an extent life - might be a complete buffoon. And as soon as you accept that one doctor misdiagnosed you… so what’s there to tell you the second hasn’t misdiagnosed you as well?

Not stating that all doctors are bad. quite the opposite! But as in any profession you will have the good and the bad ones!

Fair point!

Totally agree!!

My comment was not about “we shouldn’t be talking to them”. Quite the opposite! Especially since we do have loads of members here that genuinely try to help and give really good arguments!

It was more about… we should make an effort to either say more than just “seek a doctor”. because when tossed out there alone (or far worse, paired with “you are crazy” or random jokes), this will do no good.

Nah. I agree with you that this Thread is a good place!
We do have people posting good stuff!!

But every now and then we do have some folks, usually full of good intent, who try to help but they can’t see much more to say other than “you are crazy. seek a therapist”.
So I’m hoping we can get those folks to rethink before posting.

That’s also a very good point!

That is the spirit!
And that kind of post has potential to be really helpful!


I just got my vaccine and now I have this weird bump, could this be an implant?

What in the eff did I just read?!

Are these real people? Just trolling? They almost read like a computer generated conversation. Weird!


I just got my Implant, there is a wiered wound. Could they have vaccinated me while implanting?


I got 2 of those same bumps myself, it’s really strange, I got them like some 9 months before I got the vaccine. What’s really weird is those bumps are on my hands and I know I got the vaccine in my arm. My hands have been continuing to respond to some different RFID/NFC readers too. Really weird… Hmmmmmmmmm :thinking: Hahahahaaahaahhahaa, hehehheheheeheeee!!! :laughing:

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You read some troubled people who have some things going on that they don’t understand and somehow someone has suggested they might have been implanted with a chip.

In some cases they appear as though they may have potentially serious medical conditions.

While you might think it is funny, can you put yourself in their shoes? If you had something odd going on would you want to be mocked for it?


Please help me I have chip implanted in me how can I detect it I am in so much pain

Greetings Bibi.

Why do you think that you have been implanted with a chip?

After healing a chip implant doesn’t normally hurt, so if you had a chip implanted at your request you probably need to seek medical advice as you are probably facing something nasty like sepsis.

If you believe that you have been implanted against your will then you should probably also talk with a medical professional about your symptoms. If you are worried that they won’t believe you, just describe the symptoms without mentioning that you think you have a chip.

There are many possible causes of “pain” ranging from the simple, through to things like fibromyalgia that aren’t nearly so obvious. A doctor should be able to perform some tests to determine what the cause is.


we mentioned a few months ago how easy it would be to computer generate such posts, that and posts from people who think the implants are the devil

how can this be fixed??? i think this might be happening to me as well.

You may think that it is, but it really isn’t buddy.
This technology that people are afraid of, doesn’t actually exist.

have a read through this post, which should hopefully explain some things and answer your questions.


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What do you think is happening to you?

What symptoms are you having? Have you tried talking to a doctor about your symptoms?

You don’t need to mention the micro chipping, because that is not a thing. But tell them what is actually happening and see what they say.

In some cases there are perfectly normal explanations for some of the symptoms people have, in other cases there are potentially serious medical issues that might underlie the symptoms.

For example your limbs twitching uncontrollably just as you are falling asleep is completely normal.