Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

Just to support this, the wavelength of a medical xray ranges from 0.01 to 0.1 nm, a chip too small to interact with this is pretty much impossible in any way; the radius of a Hydrogen atom is 0.05 nm and silicon (used in transistors, and glass of course) is 0.1 nm. So you’d be talking about a chip smaller than an atom and, as quarks cannot exist outside of a baryon, there’s no particles which could create such a thing.


Can I have that in ångström please? :laughing:


I think most people here assume the chip not to be too small to show on an x-ray, but to be made of some dubious material that just doesn’t show up. Like, for example, the flexNExT was surprisingly hard to see on an x-ray - it definitely was visible, but only the chip itself, the LEDs and the LF chip - the HF antenna was pretty much invisible.


I love the random units created just to make equations easier. I think the barn is my favourite that I’ve come across so far


That’s probably due to the materials used for those sections being radiolucent.

But I’m not sure where you’d even begin with building a chip out of materials with this property. I’m a physics undergrad so I’m sure someone knows the chip tech way better than I do but I’m not sure that radiolucent materials capable of the properties required for an implant are even possible

Nah, like I said - it’s still visible, you can still clearly see there is “something” in my hand there. And especially the chip itself will always be clearly visible, I guess.
It was just to say that most people here (I mean in this thread, not on this forum!^^) would rather believe in a chip that is made from some mysterious stuff that “hides” on x-ray than in a chip that is too small to be found there :wink:

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I like the slug myself.

Or the Furlong-Firkin-Fortnight System of units…

I find this all fascinating. I am a scientist by trade and as such have an inquisitive and open mind. I have been thinking about this thread a lot lately.
Some things I have to accept; governments, including US and British, have a track record of carrying out unethical/experimental tests on unknowing/unwilling subjects. See the hilarious videos of when they gave the soldiers LSD. British Army on LSD (Acid) drugs - YouTube . (Ok, in this case they volunteered but I am sure they didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for.)
The other thing that I think would be a reasonable assumption is that government, and in particularly military, will have technology considerably more advanced than that which is commercially available.
With that in mind, and because I am off work and bored, I decided to do some ‘research’ online into the targeted individual/forced microchipping theory. Here is what I found:
Firstly, this theory is old. Most of the stuff online goes way back. There are still a few random groups spreading ideas, but most of this is called out immediately and it feels as though very little effort has gone into these hoaxes. Fact Check: Letter about new UK 'governmental policy' on microchips is fabricated | Reuters
There is also a lot of stuff behind paywalls. People seem happy to profit from my ‘research’. If I was scared and already convinced about this I would probably have given up my bank details multiple times at this point.
Eventually I stumbled on this Citizens Against Harmful Technology (CAHT) newsletter (2015) Empowering Message to Targeted Individuals :: Citizens Against Harmful Technology | MyNewsletterBuilder . Now these guys look like they know stuff. Unfortunately most of the links provided are broken, but I refused to be defeated. The paragraph titled ‘Do you have a dot in your eye’ has names. I easily found the paper that the site was referring to The artificial silicon retina microchip for the treatment of vision loss from retinitis pigmentosa - PubMed and everything they say appears to be true. The thing is that the CAHT don’t really say anything here. They just make this fantastic technology seem sinister somehow. The microchip is indeed implanted in they eye and produces electrical impulses that are interpreted by the brain to improve vision. The chip responds to light and does not transmit externally. I fail to see how this is ‘harmful technology’. But they way in which it is presented by the CAHT allows you to speculate. “What if the government could access this? They could see what I see etc.”. The paper clearly states how the chip works and if you read beyond the CAHT it is clear that there is nothing sinister or harmful about this at all.
Ok next article. It claims that a ‘study’ has found that one in three Americans is ‘RFID positive’. (I’m not sure how I feel about being classed as RFID positive. It certainly doesn’t sound as cool as cyborg or enhanced human.) Anyway, we have a ‘study’. Of course the link was broken, but my research will not be stopped by that. The link was to a page on witscience.org. Searching for this I found https://www.emfacts.com/2014/09/spoof-sites-are-fun-but-please-dont-quote/ . Witscience.org was a spoof site.
My thoughts were that the CAHT was also a spoof site, but it gets a bit more scam like when I see that I can join the ‘International TI (Targeted Individual) Registry’ for just $25. And if you think that’s bad, have a look at the ‘store’ at citizensaht.org . Hmm.
I also noted that it is a particularly psychedelic looking site. Personally I love that aesthetic, but it seems a little inappropriate here.
After perusing the CAHT site for a while I am now feeling mentally exhausted. The sun is starting to come out and I think I might go for a walk (somewhere far away from 5G signals). I am going to conclude my ‘research’ for now. I am feeling somewhat defeated, but also like some kind of ghetto Fox Mulder, I want to believe. Unfortunately they don’t make it easy. If anyone has any more credible links for me to research please share.
TL;DR I did some ‘research’. I currently remain unconvinced.


Holy shit… I took a look at this, but… no way.
In Germany, the site would be flat out illegal, and the owners of it would face quite a lot of trouble - I quote one sentence here, just because I can’t believe someone seriously posting this (outside of some neonazi groups, I mean…)

hide this, because it's fuckin' offensive

We thought Hitler was bad! At least the Jews got gassed and fell asleep before they were incinerated. People in the present holocaust aren’t even getting that softener as they run away from the flames that traveled a record 100 yards per second. (from citizensaht.org)

Context is, they claim the fires in California were caused intentionally by the government. Okay, that’s already a questionable claim, but the comparison is… incredible.

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Started by Jewish space lasers man, that’s a conspiracy and half!

Nice work, did you try the wayback machine for some of those dead links, there will be limited results, but you might get something of value


It didn’t occur to me at the time.
What started out as a curious investigation developed too quickly into a sort of Weekly World News marathon from hell. At least WWN was funny. The way these theories are presented feels like a sort of psychological bombardment. I don’t think I will venture down that rabbit hole again for a while.


Just let me start by saying I appreciate very much the time you spent on your investigating and research this is definitely not just a chip that’s doing this. Your research really should be aimed at illegal electronic harassment. There’s a paper published by the human dignity council Shadow report on systematic organized stocking. There’s also a gentleman by the name of Michael f Hall who wrote a book in this book he details his experience I have to admit this book is somewhat far-fetched but the interesting part of it is that in the very back pages 186 to page 200 list some of the declassified patents the US government holds on such techniques. Such techniques as electromagnetic weapons and voice to skull technology. The list is long and involves more than one implant and more than one technology. The only since I can make out of this is rehabilitation which would cost a fortune and just be economically stupid and take way too long or some type of research and development. The jail is Louisville Metro jail in Louisville Kentucky. The funny thing is I actually read an article where the University of Louisville was studying with microchip technology. Again their strongest tool is misinformation which makes the people that are targeted look like idiots or simply schizophrenic. This is not some type of alien abduction / ghost story loch Ness monster bigfoot absurdity. This is government and state targeting individuals for this technology whether it be for some type of rehabilitation or Homeland security. This comes from first hand experience everything you’ll read in those reports is absolutely the truth and is happening to me. Again I’m totally aware that I have no proof and I am working on that but it’s an uphill battle one that I won’t give up. Oh yeah you can also read articles about the prison system in California how certain inmates have claimed the same thing and actually found implants. It’s no surprise that links are broken when searching websites. Thanks again for all the feed back good and bad it’s all very much appreciated. I’m actually being threatened as I typed this so it’s just good to have my story out there.

Post a link

Post a link


Post a report then


The only microchip technology I can see them studying is this but if you happen to have a link to the article you were referring to I’d love to give it a read :smile:

That is not actually an “electronic microchip”, it is a small piece of material to capture carbonyl from your breath which will then be analysed with a portable Gas Chromatography - Photo Ionization Detector to see if you have COVID-19. So, chip, like Paint Chip. :eyeroll:

This is like the quote for pre-filled syringes with RFID where the RFID was to track the syringes and record who received that dose. The RFID wasn’t going to be injected, but some people with poor reading comprehension got the wrong end of the stick. (Barcodes are more often used for patient tracking in a healthcare setting)


So when you get an xray and it shows no chip that’ll be why? Because it’s all the other shadowy tech doing it?

Also I googled the “Human Dignity Council” and the only thing which came up was their “report.” No website, no evidence.

A further search search a listing of incorporation for the “council” giving Laetitia Aby as the director of the council. Ms Aby tried to bring a civil case against the City of Cambridge (“the main players in this whole saga” according to the filling) for “Covert Black Operations” in 2015 but the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence as “fanciful”

I feel like our friend here has gone down the rabbit hole and I’m not convinced he wants to climb out. He’d rather keep going in the hope of validation



Perhaps I am reading that wrong, but it looks like an email submitted for a UK freedom of information request contains a whole lot of accusations and the answers are

No provision of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 
has been waived in relation to RAF Croughton which is a designated 
site under section 128 of that Act.


The Ministry of Defence Police holds no information on this subject.

At first I read the bold as questions and the following unbolded paragraphs as the government responses, but the numbered responses at the end belie that along with the fact that the unbolded portion which follows the second question ends with “YOU MUST REPLY TO THIS QUESTION.” Which means it was not part of the government’s answer, it is part of the submitter’s claims/questions.

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Louisville metro jail and the local police union are definitely extremely corrupt, cruel, and over the top about it from everything I’m finding, and their union chief is a bit… sketch. I could see them pulling some BS. I’m probably headed to Louisville to get my Titan implanted unless anyone knows of a St Louis body modder that will do it, I’ll dig up what I can when I’m there.