Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

It’s really just the paper itself and the questions he asked I’m experiencing pretty much all that. I’m not looking for any kind of “validation”. I’ve learned what I really needed to off this site in terms of chip technology after speaking with some of you fine gentlemen I see it’s clear that it can’t be just a chip. So very appreciative of the education. I’ve done further research and time and time again it comes down to the same thing. Most of you fine Gentlemen work with facts and come to a conclusion depending on those facts. I kind of look at it in this metaphor where a gentleman is convicted of a crime he did not commit but all the facts lead to the conclusion he has perpetrated this crime. The man himself knows without A reasonable doubt and 100% that he did not do this crime, but once these facts are presented to the jury and the world in general everyone takes him to be a murderer and it’s only years later when new evidence and technology come along to prove his innocence and who the real perpetrator was… Of course he’s freed but is spent 20 years in prison for a crime he never committed his only defense was no I didn’t do it. That’s kind of where I find myself on this form I’m telling you 100% without A reasonable doubt that this happened to me in Louisville Kentucky and has been going on for 8 years but most of you reply with hey there’s absolutely no facts the very thing that makes you think this is happening might be damaged and probably is and your mentally sick, which I know is not the case what people have to remember is their knowledge is based on what they’ve learned what their brain has taken in so anything beyond that is outside of your knowledge to put it simply you just cannot fathom this being possible and if it is possible you can’t fathom how or why they would do it… because your knowledge just won’t allow it. All I can say is in the last link I posted all the techniques he mentions are real true and happening. Some simple Google searches will show that. I mean some of the stuff you deem unbelievable has been around for 20 years some even since the 1950s. Anyway guys I deeply appreciate the forum and the friendly debate but for me it has never been a debate because I know it’s truly happening. from visiting this forum I know a little more then I did when this started. And your expertise on the implant chip has really widened my search and think I’m close to the technology that is being used makes more sense… and to be super clear the rabbit hole is a heck of a lot deeper than you could possibly know and I need absolutely no Validation. I will continue with my proof and if I come up with any kind of MRI or ultrasound locating anything I’m definitely coming back to this form. And remember just because you have searched the archives of your brain and found this technology can’t exist… just means your archives are limited :blush:. Trust me there’s a guy out there right now who knows everything there is to know about this program and could explain it easily but haven’t found him yet. Thanks Friends if nothing else it’s been fun.

I take it from that that your conclusion is “it is not a single chip that is implanted, but instead a combination of techniques used against an individual.”

This reminds me of one of the principals used to pull off a good magic trick. People won’t believe that you would go to insane levels of effort to pull off a simple “trick” so they think it must be done some other way.

As an example, Kostya Kimlat doing a card trick.

I hope that you find some peace.

Firstly, your wrongly imprisoned metaphor is a good one, but also Occams Razor is at play here

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If you were on a savannah in Africa, then YES it would be more likely to hear a Zebra than a horse, just like if you lived in a parallel universe where a secret society or surreptitious government agencies were implanting unsuspecting and unwilling victims then you may have an implant that you believe you have, but fortunately for you, you don’t.

Would you say you search with a bias or non-biased term?

Would you be happy to post maybe 5 examples of your search phrases?


I’m sorry my friend but that truly is the ramblings of a madman. I particularly enjoyed:

“Useful note: an activated li-ion engine as found in a rechargeable li-ion powered screwdriver available from your local DIY store removes non-ion microwaves delivering Voice-to-Skull. You activate the li-ion powered screwdrivers and run them over your head, temples, ears, spine, base of spine, general back area and sides of your torso (i.e. your neural network as a whole), and move the still activated li-ion powered screwdrivers well away from your body, taking away from you the non-ion microwaves delivering Voice-to-Skull”

My man is walking around waving rechargeable screwdrivers over his head…

I went to that website and there’s about 25 different FOI requests he’d sent to various different governmental bodies and it’s utter lunacy. I’m sorry but if you’re identifying with him then you are ill because no reasonable person can read his letter and think anything otherwise (he believes the US government are controlling people via a “neural toxin delivered through their satellite TV” for fucks sake!)

Hello guys the reason I am texting you here because we have a problem for maybe 12 years. Its about my mother , she have issues in her left leg. She thinks i mean she is absolutely sure that she is microchipped aginst her will. The poison i dont know how to say , is mixed in coffe ln fluid form by people where she have been for buisness. After she drinked the coffe she wasnt feeling good at the same moment. After a couple months she recognized that she is having a mind conversation with the person who did this. Person that she knows and recognize by his voice. And he presented himslef. Also she is having a lot of headaches pressure in her head. After that we visited some doctors they found out that her blood is full with metals like mercury , lead and also other metals . Part of the mercury they take out with magnet and part of the lead by some detoxification. Some doctors said that this is going to stop after some time they said is spending by time. But actually that wasnt true. She is suffering all the time non - stop. Four weeks ago we were at the restourant and she jumped from the chair she said she is having a lot of pain in her left leg like fire.She told me that she is feeling energy mostly in her left leg where she also thinks that the chip is there. Also the person who mixed this flouid in her coffe is always sending her pain in legs , head .She is feeling a lot of weight in her body also always sending her energy in all body. Also she is feeling it when he starts to torture her she is feeling a heat in her left leg artificial energy. And she is feeling how he is turning on the chip.What should i more say. He causes braking her legs and she cant walk . Also when he is laughs she is doing the same when he cries also the same , they are so connected by this thing but she is feeling verry bad and also she is not having a private and personal life. In one word she is dying people. So i really need a big advice and help from you. @amal I read your post about the chip in both of your hands so I think the first thing we should do will be scaning the whole body and see where actually is the chip. And when we will find where exactly is the chip. Im intrested how can we remove that from her body maybe surgery or? Also isnt this a criminal crime? How can we find out with evidence who did it to prove it?

I’d 100% suggest you go back to the same doctors and let them know the symptoms are still there and see what they think. Maybe they can do more or have other options.


I’d say go to a different doctor. Removing mercury with a magnet isn’t a valid technique from what I’ve seen. The common approach is chelation therapy which is a medicine given by mouth that over time binds to the metals in the body and they are excreted in urine.

Mercury and lead both have very strong psychological effects too so this could be the reason for her mental state.


Greetings Karla, the sort of brain interface that you are describing here, allowing one person to control the emotions of another are not possible with our current level of technology.

If your mother has suffered from heavy metal poisoning (mercury, lead,…) Then medical professionals can tell you whether the damage can be reversed. This could easily explain some of the other symptoms. The mad hatter was “mad” because Victorian hatters usually developed mercury poisoning.

All current chips can be detected with x-rays so if you can persuade a doctor to have her x-rayed you will be able to see that she doesn’t have any chips implanted.


This is possible, but it would be related to some substance in the coffee and not to any implantable chips. There are substances that could lead to the problems your mother is experiencing, though maybe not for 12 years (unless someone keeps poisoning her regularly).

If it is a chip that can be “turned on” and actively do something, it would need a power source. The chips here at DT are passive (that means they get the power from the reader they are used with), so they can be relatively small, but if you want a chip that can do something “on its own”, it would need some sort of power supply - that leads to pretty big chips you would easily see with the bare eye. I’m talking about big, massive chunks below the skin, several square centimeters big.

That kind of emotional connection is a topic sometimes discussed in more esoteric forums and such, but definitely nothing that can be achieved by the means of a chip. You can trigger certain emotions with drugs (which leads back to the poisoned coffee, maybe) or with direct interventions in the brain, but that would be very invasive and very visible as well.

If you want to be very sure that there is no chip, like Zwack said, do an x-ray - all chips contain some sort of metal that can easily be seen on x-rays, so this will maybe calm you down.
But, more important, go to a good doctor and tell them about the symptoms, without telling them how you think they appeared. Just tell them she has a massive burning pain in her left leg, that she feels a weight on her body, that she has inexplicable mood swings. Maybe you can make some kind of journal, where you register when all this happens, and if there are any other things that might correlate with the symptoms - things she ate, changes in weather, stressfull situations, anything that might have an influence.
The one advice people here usually give is - just think about what else it might be, if it’s not the chip (for there usually is none…).


Do you believe your “mother” has an implant? If so, based on what?

What country are you in?
If your mother has high levels of heavy metals in her blood I think you have found the problem and it is nothing to do with a chip.
These metals accumulate in the body and cause serious problems and psychological issues in particular.
To start I would suggest getting her drinking water source tested for the same metals (mercury and lead). This is in addition to the standard advice to consult a doctor, of course.

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She was alright before this happend. The metals are taken off maybe 11 years ago and the doctors said that there is no more metals , but she is still facing the same problem. How she can feel energy i dont understand if there is nothing in her? We will make x ray so we will know. We cant stay like this anymore.

Does she think she has an implant or is it an idea you have suggested to explain her symptoms?

Yes she is sure about it because of the symptoms. Her explaning about the situation is that she is feeling artificial energy all the time like vibrations. If there anit metals in her body how can she feel energy and vibrations? There must have been smth inside her so she could be feeling this. Mostly heat like fire and electricity in her leg and body. She is tottaly normal she is going to work everyday having her own buisness working with coustomers all the time but this cause a big problem to her. I dont know how is she dealing after all the pain she is feeling. She also visited a psychologist and psychiatrist and with her mental health is 100% everything OK. This is smth artificial.

Did she tell them about the the fact that the chip is controlling her emotions? I really think the heavy metals are the root cause of this.

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It isn’t an implant doing this to her.

There are a number of physical ailments which can cause hallucinations and/or similar symptoms. It isn’t necessarily a psychological issue.

Get the xray done and show there isn’t an implant present but you’ll need to be a voice of reason when the scans show no foreign body present. Based on a couple of replies you seem to have gone down the rabbit hole with her, or been convinced by her. We’re happy provide all the info for you but you can’t be already in the camp of having decided the cause and just wanting validation of that, you need to be at least open to the idea that there isn’t an artificial cause

Definitely not by the means of an implanted chip - those are not able to do this.
So why do you think it is one? You could equally well think of poisoning, various physical problems, some psychological problems or a magic curse, if you like - why do you think it’s a chip?
Especially since you told us this story with the coffee - chips are usually implanted, so it would be a somehow medical procedure. While poisoning someone with a drink might be pretty possible… so why not think of the far more plausible solution?

Another thing… I’m not meaning to be rude, but the way you write is very much the same of others here who have some problems… several errors in the text, no paragraphs or structure at all… we’ve all seen this here quite often. Are you sure you’re willing to get some information you might not be happy with? Or did you already decide on what to “believe”, and nothing will really change your opinion? Because then, everything we write here would be pretty much just a waste of time.

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Without being too accusatory, that’s why I put the word mother in inverted commas in my reply.

It reads very much as “I have a friend who…”

I wonder if it’s possible of whipping together an AI tool, that can compare text for grammar or construction fingerprints

Might already exist as a marketing or data collection tool…

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the first time posters in this thread are from the same individual

That would compliment Roscos suggestion nicely

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