Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

I remember, I still think it would be pretty interesting

The problem is I could easily be cynical and say they’re all being posted by 1 deranged individual, I could equally understand if the sentence style, erratic grammar was due to an illness.

Safer to err on the latter IMO and potentially help someone

You know come to think of it, it’s interesting they we only attract one the type of individual in this thread

Why don’t we get the random religious zealots telling us we’re going to hell etc

Or the other kind of people I would expect to make a hit and run negative rant post

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Ooooh yes, that would be fun! Leave them to me… :smiling_imp:


Honestly it might be,
I feel bad for people loosing grip on reality due to probable health issue

Religious zealots that come looking for a fight are fair game for the lulz


Yep, that’s just wonderful - I was at a school full with those, and I’m afraid I’m a bit out of training currently :wink:
Not so many religious zealots in Germany, fortunately :smile:

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Get some practice in by watching Betty Bowers.


I can say that I have never heard of Betty Bowers and her Christian Crack Whore Ministry ever in my life…until now!!!

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That’s just great! Thanks :wink:


I could agree to that but I don’t think that is possible unless they are covering bits of info.

I need help! I can hear my family’s voices which started first through hacking my Bluetooth. But 9 months later, I can still hear them. I believe someone else has hacked into this device and is analyzing their voices to make it seem like it’s still them, but I don’t think it’s my family doing it anymore! I told my doctor I was hearing voices, but they thought I was crazy and put me on a lot more medications. WWhich isn’t helping! How can I get a doctor to perform a x-ray on me? I live in Minnesota!
Please :pray: Help Soon!
Thanks In Advance!
:exploding_head: Worried Mari

Your doctor might well be right. There are various implants that can make you hear things (cochlear implants) but they rely on external components to work.

The sorts of implants that would allow people to talk to you directly without external pieces don’t currently exist.

Why do you believe that you have an implant? Is it just that you are “hearing voices”? If this is the only symptom then you might want to talk to your doctor and ask them for a CT scan to rule out any physical issue with your brain (like a tumour for example). If they just decided automatically that it was a mental health issue then you might want to seek a second opinion.

I am not saying that you have an implant, or that it is not a mental problem, but if they haven’t performed any tests then there are a variety of causes that might apply.

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People can, and have, hacked bluetooth/web-connected smart home devices. Do you mean you were hearing their voices through a bluetooth device but the device is gone and the voices remain?

She created a second thread where she implies that someone hacking her Bluetooth had somehow damaged her radio receptors in her head.

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Can somebody have permanent damage from repeatedly having their Bluetooth being hacked just so people could stalked, bullied, insulted, ridiculed, mentally, emotionally, physically, verbally, and spirituality abuse them by communication via- Bluetooth connectivity.

Do they have a implant chip or is it just long exposure and now they have permanent damaged to their brain receptors that block radio frequency?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: there are no known radio receptors in the brain, or any other part of the human body. The only Bluetooth that might be a significant risk to human health was the Viking king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, and even then he was a Christian, and was considered a uniter.


Uhh yeah, have you ever dropped a beats pill on your foot? Definitely a health risk when you swear and your wife smacks you for swearing in front of the kids.


I’m 54

Seeing as how you cannot differentiate between “standpoing” and standpoint, I would say the only thing you satanists can engineer is how to trick a child out of their clothing.