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Cleaning up kiddo drawings and paper mess and found these gems…


It’s Saturday night! Time to get cleaned up do a little prep and see if I can get one of these things in the other!

I’ll make a topic and post updates later tonight or tomorrow. Wish me luck!




I wouldn’t cut your thumb off and put it in the box if I were you. :unicorn_shock_surprise:


Instructions unclear, removed finger and sent to installer with the chip.


Man, after the magnet demo I really hoped the answer is a magnet implant HAHAHA

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Unfortunately I was unsuccessful with the install. I started and got partway in, but it became more than I was willing to do myself.

I definitely plan on having it installed in my thumb, but I’ll have it done by a professional. I’ll just add that to the list for my next installation trip.

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The thumb was worse than the finger? I’m not looking forward to that!

Just came across this post on Reddit from the small town I live in.


Does anyone know if blinkies are always loaded in the needle with the same orientation?

I know that some used to be backwards, but I don’t know if that was fixed or not.
DT wanted them all packaged the same way, and I believe most of them were, but I think the people who did the packaging didn’t get them all right or something like that.
It’s possible they’re all correct now though


My xSIID came out LED first.

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Well, this isn’t the trip update I wanted to make, but oh well.


My first night in Portland was pretty good, except for the insane heat. Because of the heat, my train came in like 4 hours late (foreshadowing). I wasn’t able to do much my first night, but I managed to hit up Voodoo doughnuts. Today I checked out, and went to Powell’s city of books. It was really cool. Carrying my bags sucked, but I still had a good time. Bought a few books to hopefully read on my train from Seattle to Indy.

I got to the train station at 12:30pm or so, and my train was supposed to come at 3:56pm. The train station wasn’t air conditioned, so it was immediately uncomfortable.

Due to the heat, my train was showing as delayed. First by 2 hours to 6pm, then 3 hours, etc etc.

Last I checked, it’s over 5 hours delayed, and still hasn’t arrived at the station. Because of this, I wouldn’t have been able to check into my hostel (11pm check-in deadline). I was able to find a few flights to Seattle, but they were very expensive. I also realized that it’s still going to be quite hot in Seattle over the coming days. I wanted to enjoy my trip, and I don’t think that would have been possible with the heat.

So, I’m at the airport waiting for a flight home. I got to 3/4 of my destinations, so I’m not too sad, but Seattle was the city I was most excited for. The plane ticket was really pricy too, but I didn’t want to have to find another hostel in Portland. I’m tired.

I got the segment credits back for the last leg of the trip, so the trip isn’t necessarily cancelled from here on out. Just postponed by a week or two :blush: I’m not sure where I’ll be going next, since I don’t really feel like doing another round trip cross country trip. If I go to Seattle this summer, it’ll be via plane I think.

I feel bad, but I still managed to go cross country, and visit 3 major cities I had never been to. I also met and exchanged info with a lot of cool people.

I didn’t have a window seat on the train to Portland so I didn’t get a ton of photos, but here’s a few. I tried my best with what I was given.


What time in the video shows him having a magnet i dont remember seeing it.

Dang, I am glad you liked Portland, but the heat has been insane in the Pacific Northwest, and continues to be.

It is rarely hot enough in Portland that AC is a necessity, so I am not surprised that the hostel didn’t have it.

I hope you make it to Seattle sometime.

The Oregon coast has been extra busy this weekend (presumably because of the heat) but it has been a lot hotter than usual here too. Yesterday it hit 88F (about 20F higher than normal)

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I don’t remember the time but near the beginning when he is talking about how he might do it he pulls out scissors, glue, and a magnet.

That didn’t sound bad at all, still some great experiences, Some New cities, and a good attitude.

With more travel will come little refinements. next time you will already have some ideas about how to make it even better / easier for yourself.

Trains are a great way to travel, For Long journeys a sleeper carriage can be awesome, as it becomes your transport and accomodation. ( Im not sure if this was available to you.)
Do your day in one city, jump on a train at night,Get rocked to sleep and wake up in a new city / destination is an awesome way to start your day.

Do you carry a powerbank with you?
Charging devices, power backup for emergencies
Does it have a built in torch ( Flashlight ) ?
do you have one of these

Small cheap and light weight, they can be a figuritive lifesaver :sweat:

I can travel for 4-6 weeks with a just backpack that fits in as cabin baggage that only weighs in at 4.5 - 5kgs (US Conversion ~ 1 x M4 rifle with 3 - 4 x 30 round magazines) so having to carry my bag is not an issue, but if I want more freedom, I would use a storage locker etc.

For more @pilgrimsmasters travel tips and tricks, check out my other videos, dont forget to subscribe, smash that like button…:wink:


Shame it came to an early end, but at least it has been amazing so far!
Focus on that and the memories you made! ^^


I’m surprised nobody asked for pics of this… :laughing:

Seriously, I am glad you got to enjoy some of your trip, even if you cut it short by a few days.

Now you need to start planning for the next trip because we need to see more photos.

By the way Portland hit 116 yesterday, Seattle hit 101 on Sunday and 108 on Monday. Cutting your trip short was probably not a bad idea.


Are these numbers Covid cases ???