Micropchip activated house door lock

What do I need to buy and how would I go about setting up this lock for mine and my wife’s new house thanks :slight_smile:

What sort of implant do you have?

Have you checked the list of compatible products?

Hey James I live in Australia Newcastle nsw…I am trying to find a place to get my chips put in around my area… could u suggest somewhere??? Thanks liam

Looks like there is a partner in Sydney


Thanks heaps :slight_smile:

Hey James I have just finished the two projects that I wanted to do with the parts I have bought from u guys… the first one works perfect and I am very happy with the second one doesn’t even turn on :frowning: I think the xem ready is faulty :frowning: would it be possible to get a replacement sent out thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t work for DangerousThings. I am just a forum user like yourself. However I will tag @mdanger so he can look into this for you. if you swap the xEM readers around does the “broken” one start working and the working one stop?

Hey James yeah the broken one doesn’t work at all I have tried swapping them and no luck :frowning:

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Hey Foxx,

JamesW is one of our outstanding luminaries we are grateful to in keeping our forum humming :slight_smile: .

If the xEM is faulty by all means we will replace it. We have a lifetime warranty. That being said, there are several nuances with the xEM; let me discuss your situation with Amal to ensure your situation would or would not be impacted by one of these nuances. If your situation would, then providing you a new xEM would not solve the underlying issue.

I’ll get back to you shortly.


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Just to make sure it’s the xem reader not the chip it’s self

There are a lot of locksmiths who can help you!

That’s not the problem the actual unit is faulty… :frowning: it’s been connected exactly the same as the first one and the first one works like a dream : )

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You can ask this guys from Dallas Locksmith

…this is my problem the actual xem reader is faulty and I think this is the problem there is broken legs on the chip and a big lump of solder on the board…see pics attached

How do I get a replacement with u guys thanks:)

Hi Foxx,

Please forgive me, I have your and JamesW’s dialogue bookmarked and was going to have Amal review it since he suspected we would need to get you a new Access Controller but wanted to make sure that was indeed your issue.

He’s not had an opportunity to review it since he’s had some impressive family calamities he’s had his hand’s full with.

I will send you out a new Access Controller first thing in the morning. Thank you for being a good sport :slight_smile:. Stay tuned for a tracking number, I’ll send it privately to you.



Thanks for all your help

Hope everything is ok with him

They are designed that way. There is nothing abnormal about the one you have.
Heres mine.

It is interesting that mine has the two pads shorted and yours does not.

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Even though that construction method is questionable, my first impression was that it’s intentional. Many manufacturers will make 1 board design, and then have the assemblers configure it in several different ways with quick fixes like this. Cheaper to pay someone to reconfigure every single board by hand than to pay for the design and supply of seven different boards.

Here’s the pinout diagram for that chip

It’s possible the TX/RX OUT pad on the board needs to be pulled high for some other chip to function properly.

Looks like you’re getting a replacement, but in the meantime you could attempt to troubleshoot it for fun (and posterity). You could try connecting the two pads (19 and 20) with a small piece of metal like a paperclip, then test the controller. You should wear a glove or wrap your metal in tape where you touch it. 12V is too low to really hurt you, but if you had an open cut or something a sudden jolt would hurt.