Midwest Biohacking Village

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted here, but I’ll blame my MS thesis for that (more details on that soon btw).

Anyway, I will be hosting a biohacking village at Circle City Con this year! For the unaware, Circle City Con is an inclusive all-are-welcome hacker conference hosted in Indianapolis, Indiana. Before COVID, we had a mini implant village with an individual doing installations, and it was a huge hit. Now that the conference can refocus on in-person, I can move my attention away from Discord set up and back to the biohacking village concept.

For this year, Circle City Con 9.0, I tentatively have someone lined up to do installations - Pirate at Revolution Tattoo in West Lafayette, IN. Pirate’s an excellent piercer who’s done several of mine and my friend’s implants. I and tentatively DarthDomo will be there Prox in hand doing clones and demonstrations. I hope to also bring along some RFID-enabled toys and other biohacking gear to play with.

These are just my ideas of what an implant-oriented biohacking village should look like though…what would you like to see? I want this village to be representative of the community here and to do that I want to know what you would want. Is there something that’s missing from another village that you thought “Oh, I wish they would have had that!” Maybe tDCS? Neurosensory-type devices? Magnets?

Personally, I’ve always been disappointed going to a village and only finding pacemakers and insulin pumps to play with. Nothing wrong with medical device hacking but I think a biohacking village can be more than just that. I see this as an opportunity for all of us biohackers in the Midwest to get together and do something cool.



I could easily be convinced to come hang out, never been to a con (besides being an exhibitor at shotshow)
Not sure I’m an expert at anything, but I know enough to help chat with the public

Can bring my laptop and WAVE ID NANO to show unlocking computers

We/you could load a little tablet or said laptop with videos pulled from the “show off USING your implant thread”

But cleaned up and trimmed of all the chatter that made its way into that thread…

Could also load up some of the videos from the install threads, but maybe face it or set it up so that random people aren’t blasted by gore

I have an XACV2 that is currently unused, wouldn’t be super hard to rig up some kind of physical demo of how it can be used

I also have a few physical examples of glass and flex implants, people love to look at stuff


@init6 I live in Northern Indiana. If a few of you plan on going I could be enticed to join you. Let me know and when.

Oh, I’ve heard shotshow is neat - I used to be avid about pocket knives :sweat_smile:

Expert or otherwise, as long as you enjoy this and are willing to talk to people about it and show off, that’s perfect! WAVE ID NANO would be neat; I’ve got a RFID that I ripped the shell off of and use to light my xLEDs. Anything that shows the capabilities of implants and how to make use of them. I get the impression a lot of people think they’re neat but don’t see the practical use case.

Media collection is a fantastic idea! I could see about getting a display to use and if nothing else some computer monitors setup with slideshows. I have some punchy snippets from my GrrCON presentation I could include and toss in some SOMA FM background music and BAM that’s a mood.

I should see about encasing some of the syringes in epoxy - that could be a really neat piece.

You’re more than welcome to come hang out as a congoer but I’d be remiss to not mention that I’m going to be looking for volunteers who can help staff the village. You get entrance to the con (badge + swag) and a hotel room there onsite. It’ll be my fifth year with the con now so I’ve enjoyed the experience. If that’s something you’re interested in or anyone else - watch Twitter around March!

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July 1-3 @ the Westin Downtown in Indianapolis!

Cons are a new thing for me, but it’s only a couple hours away and I’m probably willing to help staff, depending on what is asked of me

think I know more than enough to talk with the public about the general overview of implants, used to be a firearms instructor and sales so I can talk to people and educate

Im guessing mostly just being a responsible minion?
Lemme know… been wanting to get more involved with the general hacker scene

I’ll post a link here whenever the volunteer call opens! Hacker scene is great; it was my first home before biohacking.


I currently live around Nashville, but I’m moving to South Bend this summer. If this happens I would love to come check it out. And maybe get a new upgrade!

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Well now I want to volunteer. I know… keep an eye out for when you announce it.
I live in Indy and am getting excited about going to this!

If I can make it there, I would definitely try to help out any way that I can. I checked it out and it looks like a pretty cool convention. Actually never heard of CircleCon before so this is the first time. I won’t know if I can make it there for a bit yet, all has to do with my time and budget. I did make plans already to attend the HOPE convention again in NYC this summer, and actually have a thread in case anyone else was interested in trying to put something together there as far as implants and bio hacking stuff. That is here… July Cyborg meetup/hacking/technology. I’ll let you know when and if I can make it, and if so, count me in! :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this?

Yes! Sorry for the delay; I had to handle some school stuff which is now thankfully handled :slight_smile:

If you are interested in volunteering here is the SIGNUP. If you decide to volunteer please send me a DM so that I can note that you will be volunteering with the village and not the larger con. Plus you get a badge and hotel room this way! To clarify, I need a few people to help staff the village. This essentially means talking to con attendees about implants, handing out waivers, showing off a Proxmark and RFID/NFC. Outside of volunteering for the village the rest of the con is yours to enjoy!

@Eriequiet, @knoj, @Kdude0, @darthdomo

If you are interested in the village as an attendee then Pirate, a local piercer, will be there doing x-series installs. He was at Circle two years ago as well doing installs. I won’t name the community member as to respect their privacy but someone has offered to assist in funding a certain number of implants to be sold onsite at the conference. However, I strongly recommend BYOI…bring your own implant. Plan ahead as there will be limited selection and stock IRL. REGISTRATION

I plan to submit a biohacking-related talk to the CFP focused on my sensing magnets, the community, and whatnot. If you are interested in giving a talk biohacking or otherwise.

Uhh, what else. I’ll be making a Twitter for the village; name recommendations?


Can you dm me about what volunteering entails?

I’m game to work, I just worry a lot of the larger con may be over my head

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Ok I’m signing up,

Lemme know if anyone else signs up to bunk together

Signing up 7/1-7/3


My brains already spinning up ideas
Hopefully can make the DT crowd proud


Damn - I’m pretty sure we’ll have family plans - it’s the 4th of July weekend.
I’d be signing up to volunteer otherwise. I’ll keep an eye out next year I guess.

Thanks for sharing the info and signup link!

Twitter created!



Made me dust off my twitter and finish setting it up however many years later lol :joy:

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