Midwest Biohacking


Hi Everyone!

May 31st - June 2nd, 2019 Indianapolis will be hosting Circle City Con. For anyone interested in information security, hacking, cybersecurity, arcade games, a career fair, network engineering, or biohacking this is the place to be.

This year we will have a biohacking village i.e Dangerous Things implants including…

xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC
xNT NFC Chip
xBT Temperature Sensing Chip [RFID]
xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC
Vivokey Spark [Cryptobionic Implant]
xG3 Lifter Magnets

All installed by the wonderful c00p3r

This will be one of the first times that biohacking implants will be offered in the Midwest (US). If you are interested or have questions please feel free to DM me!