Mifare 4k S70 7-byte Gen2 doesn't exist?

I have a “Mifare 4k S70 7-byte 0 block” key fob I’m trying to copy. I have found gen2 1k keys with 7 byte, 4k gen1 keys with 7 byte, and everything in between. Just can’t find the 4k with 7byte in a gen2 so I can use my Android phone to copy the UID.

If it really doesn’t exist, I either need to test a 1k gen2 by just copying the UID and hope that it works without copying all the sectors or buy a ACR122U.

i think it does but expensive to get…

more expensive then spending $30 on an ACR122U? I have paid $3.99(ea) for the MF4k S70 7 byte cards that I have but they must use the ACR122U.

yes more expensive… i think i saw them for $35USD + shipping and all that… magic chips are grey market, some of them are very expensive, hard to get, and ultimately at the end of the day not always that reliable because grey market.

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Got a link? AFAIK, it is rare to find 7 byte UID mifare magic gen 1 chips… but I could easily be wrong.

If its only with the ACR then I’d say its more gen3, which the Proxmark3 does support:

If you happen to have a PM3, I’d recommend running hf 14a info on those cards you ordered to check what generation of magic chip it is.

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you might be right, they could be gen3:

these are the ones i bought

so if they are gen3, they can work with the ACR122U and the Proxmark3; ACR122U is much cheaper so I think I’ll get one of those since I can’t find the cards I need.

I found them; you’re right, they’re expensive:

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