Mifare Classic 1k NFC

Are there encryptions on a Mifare Classic 1k that can not be cloned using the Proxmark3 Easy?
Is there a way to tell prior to purchasing the Proxmark3 Easy system?

I’m trying to avoid the $50 replacement fee for a condo I own and help support other neighbors. Will the Proxmark3 Easy, copy and duplicate these key fobs, with the data described below?

I tried using NFC tools Pro and Mifare classic apps on my smart phone.
Comparing the NFCs it copied over a majority of the data except. (Copy keys didn’t work)

  1. The UID - I did purchase these [NFCs]
    Maybe the app wont work for this? Wrong NFCs?
    My second working key has a unique UID, so maybe not important.

  2. Sector 1 on the working keys do not show up, at all, on the app.
    It goes from straight from Sector 0 data to Sector 2 data.
    I’m assuming this is the encryption?

  3. Sector 6 just has dashes (-), on both working keys and errors out when writing to the new chip.
    +Sector: 6


The condo lock systems are not linked to a central hub, they are all independent.

Appreciate your help in what I need to purchase on your site for both hardware / software and NFCs. Just want to buy something that will work instead of spending money without results.

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haha nah, all mifare classic are broken and hackable in one way or another. the reason your phone cant do it is because its not designed for this kind of thing and there is only so much it can do.

a proxmark however can and will get all the keys.

i can guarantee you you’ll get the keys one way or another with a proxmark

Thank you very much, I will proceed with my purchase.

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if you need a help getting it done when it arrives, dm me here or on discord Equip#1515 ill happily help you conquer your apt complex

(also those tags you bought will be perfect for the job)

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Awesome, and thanks. Its ordered, now we wait…

Damn I wish I took a screenshot…I stayed at a hotel a few weeks ago, and couldn’t crack it with the pm3. Not sure if it just takes time, but I basically got to a table and the table kept growing and growing (it was counting seconds). I just finally gave up after 2-3 minutes. I searched the words in the forum and nobody talked about it before…

Maybe it wasn’t a classic, maybe it was more secure. Who knows. I go to this hotel like 1-2 times a year, so I might go back to see if I can take screenshots.

if you were in the room, with the key you can just sniff the communications between the reader and key and extract the keys :slight_smile:

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Is that just a hf mf sniff command?


hf 14a sniff -c -r
*place setup like this:
card | proxmark | reader
scan proxmark/card contraption on the reader so the door unlocks.
once unlocked you can press the button on your proxmark to stop the sniff
then type
hf mf list
it will show you the conversation and keys


Thanks. I’ll try that in future, if I can (no cameras). It’s a state owned hotel (State owned casino lol). Don’t want to get in trouble.

Appreciate the help.

Is the PM3’s “sniff” smart enough to work even with modern readers that tout encryption between card and reader? Examples are HID’s iClass SE readers…

nope you need to capture raw using an omnikey or similar

Sent you a request on discord