Mifare Classic 1k on xNT

I have a good old xNT chip in my hand and curious if I can use it with my doof handle which I control with a Mifare Classic 1k card. The memory is much higher than my xNT but the Mhz is correct. Any chances? Thx!

you can’t put a mifare classic on the ntag216 inside of an xNT.

they’re different chipsets

Damn…but thanks! Then I had to search for another door opener or implant :wink:

All is not lost just yet, although he answered your question accurately, your indirect question is, “can I use my xNT with my lock”

The answer to that is MAYBE

As it is your lock, you may be able to ENROLL it.
ENROLLING may be possible, COPYING you can’t do.

So really it will depend on the lock.

What lock is it?

Is it listed on the Matrix

If not or the answer is inconclusive, your best bet is to get an NTAG216 card, and see if you can enroll that, if so, then you will just need to see if you can get the lock and xNT to couple.

(you could try directly with the xNT, but I wouldnt persist too long if it doesn’t work with the first couple of tries.)

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Thanks for this. Unfortunately it is not listed in the sheet. The lock is a “Welock PCB41”. Here´s the link.
I have a Flipper zero and was able to read the RFID card, there´re many numbers and so. Maybe its helpful?
ISO, UID, ATQA, Keys Found 32/32, Sectors Read 16/16.

And with this copied card I was able to open the door. So the data is valid. But honestly, I don´t know if the xNT can handle this.

Neither do I without testing it myself, but you can only try

I checked the link you provided looking for ISO14443-A or some other clues, nothing seen, but that doesnt mean it wont work.

Do you know how to emulate a tag on the flipper?

Donyou know how to enroll a new tag to your lock?

Do you see where I am going with this?

Yes, the flipper shows the ISO14443-A from the tag.
I’ll try to write the tag to my xNT, maybe it works. I’m only a little bit concerned about blocking the chip with the flipper. I mean that the flipper create a write protect on it. But I don’t think that will be.

do you know how to enroll a new tag to the lock?

if so, Use your flipper to emulate a new NTAG216

While the Flipper is emulating, see if you can enroll that into your lock

It does not work in this way. I have to scan a QR code on my nfc tag from WeLock. Then, in the app I can include them to the lock.

The lock don’t response to the flipper. Only when I emulate the copied nfc tag, then the lock response.


Is the UID 4 or 7 byte?




If it is 4, then an xMagic, FlexM1, FlexMT may be your only option

The UID is 4 byte :frowning:
I’ll take a look for another chip then :wink:

I have both an xMagic and a FlexM1

I can reccomend both, here are my quick points for your consideration:

Gen1a Chip can be wtitten to with a flipper and PM3
also has a T5577 chip
Currently available to purchase

FlexM1 gen1a
Gen1a Chip can be wtitten to with a flipper and PM3
Improved range compared to an xMagic
Not currently available due to antenna redesign

FlexM1 gen2
Gen1a Chip can be wtitten to with a Cellphone (MCT) and PM3
Improved range compared to an xMagic
Not currently available due to antenna redesign

You will not I didnt mention the differences in the install needle and procedure, thats because in my opinion, the pain is the same, and the needle difference is so similar its negligible