Mifare Classic cards

Hi, I would like to assign random data and keys to a Mifare Classic card with Gen 1a magic capabilities do that I can practice getting the data off of them and cracking the auth codes. How would I go about doing that with the pm3?

there is no command to fill the card with bullshit unfortunately as it’s a completely useless command. you could manually scramble the keys of an eml file, convert to binary and upload it to the tag but you need to be careful that you don’t scramble the access conditions because although it may not brick your gen1a revision (potentially., not guaranteed to not brick) it will still cause the tag to not respond to attacks properly if at all

what commands would I need for that?

(dump a blank tag)
(edit the file)
script run eml2bin.lua -i (eml file name)
hf mf cload -f (outputted binary file name)

when I do the script run command it just says that it cant find the file name