Mifare classic to Mifare Ultra Light

New in this game…

Is it possible to copy a Mifare Classic Nuid4 to a NXP NTAG216

My Job use this Mifare Classic to control all doors, so it could be great to use the hand.
Have tried to program my hand chip UID to the program who runs it, but it seems not to read it.

No it’s not. The memory structures are totally different. It might be possible to clone your “mifare classic” card to our xM1+ tag… but you’d need to confirm your chip type and get a tool to do the cloning (proxmark3 is very popular).

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Thanks for your support :smile:

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If you have an NFC android phone, try scanning your card with TagInfo to confirm the IC model number inside the card.

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RF Tecnology: Type A(ISO/IEC14443 Type A
Tag type: Mifare Classic 1K
ATQA: 0004
SAK: 08

There should be a tab that says “IC Info”… I’m looking for “IC Type” info.

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IC Type: Mifare Classic (EV1)(MF1S500)

Ok this is a new “mifare classic” chip where they have fixed the security vulnerabilities of the original “mifare classic 1k” chip (the MFIC1S50)… so cracking those keys will not be possible.

However, it is still possible to copy the UID to an xM1+ using a proxmark3. That’s easy enough… you simply issue this command:

hf mf csetuid <UID hex symbols>

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Just to understand it. Would it be possible if I buy the xM1 and read the UID and put this UID it in the door control system.
Would I could use it then.

Assuming the door system only requires the 4 byte nuid then yes this should be technically possible. The only other hurdle will be antenna coupling. The xM1+ and the door reader antenna may not have sufficient flux to read properly. Only testing will prove otherwise… though an xLED would help.


Steeling this old thread.

Can I copy my gate tag to my new Smart Ring somehow using my LG G7 ThinQ?

Gate Tag:
“Tag type and manufacturer”
MIFARE Classic 1k, NXP
IC Type: MIFARE Classic EV1 (MF1S50)

Smart Ring:
MIFARE Ultralight, NXP
IC Tpe: NTAG213
NFC Form NDEF-Compilant Tag: Type 2 Tag

You would need the discontinued xM1+.

Hmm, what do I need? (Im a noob regarding this things)

Can I buy another ring that I can copy the content to?