Mifare Desfire EV1 and NExT Implant

Hello Friends.
I installed a NExT a few months ago and couldn’t be happier. It is truly great technology.
Recently I left for college and my student ID happens to be a Desfire EV1. I know its ISO14443 like the NExT implant. But does that mean I (Or my school admins) could copy my ID to the implant? If you need any more information about the Desfire EV1 to answer my question let me know!

Thank you!


4 or 7 bye UID?

Kind of the other way around.
You ideally would want to enroll your NExT -xNT UID into the school system.
The NExT MAY be able to be enroll, it will depend on the actual system and what it is “looking” for?
Best bet is to ask to have it enrolled, and to test compatibility scan the enrollment reader or a door take note of date time and location and check with the system admin the results and manually add you NExT UID intol the system.

otherwise, almost guaranteed the FlexDFhttps://dangerousthings.com/product/flexdf/ will work. (still needs to be enrolled)

The DESFire2 can be backward compatible, so the xDF2 or the FlexDF2 may work.
Again depending on what the system is looking for.

I hope that is what you were after.

I have the UID and it is 7 bytes.

I’m worried that it will not possible to enroll my hand in the system without overruling my physical card. Unfortunately, I still need it active. If only I could clone the UID of the Desfire Ev1!

Most systems that go to the expense of using Desfire use more than the UID, even if you could clone it, i doubt the readers would even beep

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The NExT - xNT is 13.56MHz ISO14443A with a 7 byte UID, So there is a chance it MAY work

Unless your system can assosiate 2 UIDs to your profile, you would have to choose either one or the other ( Implant / card )

Can I ask why you need to have a Physical card active? Your implant once enrolled would effectively become your replacement card.

There is currently only one HF implantable chip with a modifiable UID ( NUID ) and that is the M1 line of products
FlexM1 (s)

However, they are a 4 byte NUID, so you would really need to have your stars aligned for that to work for you
ie, your system only “looking” at the first 4 Bytes over ISO14443A.

There is one more option that I can think of, a bit of an investment and some unknowns, but potentially a worthwhile experiment that might do what you want
You could get a DESFire EV1 Modifiable card from KSEC ( 7 byte UID Version ) and see if that works for you, In theory it should, but the only thing that is uncertain is
" Please note, this card does not emulate any other MIFARE DESFire® features."
So if you need any other features this would not be suitable.


You would need to ask Amal ( Dangerous Things ) if he could convert you KSEC card into an implant via Micro Bank Card Payment Conversion Service

I bought one of these cards myself for a Public Transport implant option, unfortunately for my situation, it didn’t work so I didn’t get as far as asking Amal

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Desire card use applets and they’re not often cloneable.
It’s rare to find them just being used for their card ID but an encrypted app on the card itself.

As @Pilgrimsmaster said, we do have some cheap cards for you to test but Desfire EV1/EV2 is considered secure in terms of anti-cloning.

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Blockquote I’m worried that it will not possible to enroll my hand in the system without overruling my physical card.

have the admins of this institution said that is the case? id not assume it goes by a “student has x amounts of active cards” more a list of UIDs attached to “student” permissions with the names associated