Mifare Gen 2 WRBL

I’m totally new to this but trying to clone a Mifare 1k to a gen2 FUID fob

Just trying to understand how to do this using wrbl? (Proxmark)

I’ve cracked the fob already using ‘hf mf autowpn’ and have all the keys including UID.

But I can’t seem to understand how to use the e.g. hf mf wrbl 0 B FFFFFFFFFFFF a473f601200804006263646566676869 and also how to clone the rest of the blocks.

What is FFF? and the data at the end?

By the look of the command you posted it’s from an old version of the iceman firmware. Make sure you are running latest.

Here’s how it goes.

Hf mf wrbl -k (key used for writing the block, default is FFFFFFFFFFFF) -b 0 (specifying block to write) -d (data to write, this is where you put the block 0 data you wish to write onto the card)

E2A: when you’re on latest the command you’re looking for the rest of the data & optionally to also write the uid block is hf mf restore -h

I’m on the latest 4.17511

ok, so hf mf wrbl -k … do I leave it as FFFFFFF -b 0 (copy everything from the dump.bin file line 0?

So should I just go hf mf restore --1k --uid 3B301924 -k *filename.bin"?

Because it is a gen 2 FUID fob that is write once only and it suggest to use the wrbl command

What you posted isn’t a command.

Discourse is a pain in the arse to troubleshoot on, if you send me a friend request on discord (username: equip) I’ll happily 1-1 this with you

E2A: sorted :sunglasses: