Mifare mulitple tags cannot check keys

Hey, I scanned a mifare 1k fob with my proxmark3 easy and was unable to check keys because every time I did, it would throw me a list of a phrase similar to this, ‘multiple tags detected, unable to chck keys’…

I don’t have access to the mifare fob right now so I cannot give you exact output and stupidly I also closed the command prompt. The fob belonged to a building resident who wanted me to clone theirs so nothing illegal lol.

What would be the commands/steps to acquire the keys from a fob like this
and clone it?

odd. What’s your proxmark3 firmware and client version (screenshot the pm3 client startup screen)

Hi Amal,

This is a screen shot of my proxmark3 load up screen.

ahh… just as I thought. Read the red line of text and notice the Client and Bootrom / OS lines have different versions.

You must ensure your client and firmware match exactly or your proxmark will experience completely unexpected behavior. Instead of running pm3 to launch the client, instead flash the firmware by running ./pm3-flash-all to keep your firmware consistent with your client version.

Afterward you may find your odd problems go away.

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cd proxmark3

git pull

make clean && make all

make -j