Mifare ultralight EV1 48bytes

Hello everyone! I have a question about the mfu cards, is it possible to know the password for these since they are blocked? From my point of view, I think that it is difficult to know your password, but if so, is it possible to see the content of these cards?

I haven’t really had much to do with ultralights.

But I can throw some stuff at you to answer and consider?

Most importantly.
What sort of diagnostic tools do you have available to you?

With these, If you have access to the system that set the card up, you may be able to sniff the password?

You may be able to ask the system admin if they know. Unlikely, but if they have access to the program, they may be able find it in the setup side.

If you have Android / iPhone, we could have a look at the card dump for you, but we wont be able to decipher the password, but there are a few other things that could be of use to help see if it actually has a password, what block, is it write protected etc.

hopefully, thats enough for you to start with

Hey! The tool is a proxmark3 but I don’t quite understand how I can get a password

You’ll have to sniff the traffic between the card and reader

As scorpion said

The process would be SOMETHING like this (im not near my computer, so this is best guess)

hf 14a sniff
Place the Proxmark between the acess system and the card being WRITTEN, or possibly read.

After it has written to the card, press the side button of the Proxmark (this stops the sniff)

hf 14a list

This should spitout the communication between the reader/writer and the card, amogst which will be the password.

I am not super familiar with the process, those could be the old syntax commands, but that is the general principle, which should be enough getting you down the right track to getting an answer