Mifare Ultralight

Can the XM1 or any other implant emulate a ultralight? Most of the hotels I stay in use them and it would be fun if I could

The XM1 is a Mifare Classic 1K. It can’t emulate an Ultralight because… it’s a Mifare Classic 1K :slight_smile:

However, depending on the hotel you visit, you may be able to have the front desk register your chip instead of the hotel key card, if their system doesn’t mind registering other kinds of Mifare chips. I tried that the other day at an Ibis hotel in Belgium that used Ultralight cards and it worked. The front clerk took some convincing though…

EDIT: this is not true look at my other comment.

The xSIID when scanned

by my phone shows as a ntag/ultralight

Oh, that’s not accurate at all. Try TagInfo to get a better representation of the tag type.

I suppose not, I was busy the true card is…

I had a feeling that was the case but I figured I might as well check, would be nice if we had a chip that could at some point

Huh… that’s the same card as the xSIID.


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My mistake! I thought it was the Ultralight card! Hah, being so tired doesn’t help.

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