Mifare xM1 reader help


I am having difficulties understanding which readers will work with my xM1 “magic” implant.

I have found a reader which describes the card type needed as IC card 64bit Manchester coding on 13.56Mhz.

Does anyone know if this will work to read the xM1?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a Weiland reader that will work with the xM1 for use as an external (and waterproof) reader for access control? I am not after a standalone reader, but something which I can wire back to the controller.



I dont know exactly what you are after but the HID MultiClass readers will work along with the HID-SE readers, I would recommend the HID readers if its for a larger site wide installation (HID makes good stuff generally) make sure you wire the tamper detection stuff though. You would want to look at readers that can read “Mifare Classic” because the xM1 is a “Magic” card in the way that we can send it instructions to change its UID and data because of errors in Mifare’s encryption techniques.

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