Migrating implant in hand blade (p5)

Hi all

I did some searching and reading and didn’t see this specific situation addressed. I got a XG3v1 installed about 2 months ago in the blade of my hand (p5 location.) It’s migrated about a half-inch into the thicker, meatier part of my hand. There’s a minor, dull pain, like a bruise, but no swelling or redness, or any visible sign of infection or trauma. (so that’s good). Magnet performance is also diminished, now that it’s in a thicker part of my hand.

I’ve seen lots of posts about corralling a chip with toothpicks and moving it around, but I’m not sure that’ll work in my situation. I have to press very hard on my hand to even feel the thing.

Should I try to move it back, or just let it migrate until it finds a happy home? If so, how? I’m not concerned about things. Should I be? Looking for some advice or suggestions from anyone who has had a similar experience.

The orange dot on the picture is my insertion scar. The blue dots are the original location, as best I can recall. The green dots are the current location, as identified by where a very small round magnet repeatedly landed.

Hey! I had my xG3v1 installed in the same location, I can’t feel it no matter how hard I squeeze, but I can see it’s location when I use a magnet. I’ve found that mine travels freely throughout the day from the original location to to a quarter inch from my pinky knuckle. I haven’t seen any migration lower down the knife edge like you have, but I do see diminished sensing and lifting performance when it moves towards my pinky.
I know at least one other person on here as their xG3 move as well, though I can’t recall if theirs migrates along the blade like mine or down the side like yours.
My inexperienced suggestion would be to use a magnet to reposition it where you want it, then find some way to hold it in that position for a few days like the toothpick method of you could find a way that works for you.

I’m glad to hear that my experience is not unique, and that you’ve not had any serious issues. That’s a relief - thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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I have had my xG3 V2 on the same location for about 3 months now and just noticed that mine too can move though out the day. Mine only moves the same way that the bones are aligned (not close to bones tho). Until today I’ve thought that mine moves only less than 1mm but now it seems to be moving 4x that at least. Played with magnets just now and noticed that it really moves. Before I haven’t payed much attention to it.

No pain or anything on my side.