Milfare vingcard 1k

Hello, I have a proxmark easy encoder. The problem is the following, you need to transfer vingcard 1k to a regular milfare classic 1k. Getting the key and dump file happens without problems, but block 7 refuses to be overwritten. Is it possible to overwrite it?

if youre looking at a generic, non “magic” (uid changeable) mifare classic, you need to look at the access bits for the sector it is failing on.

the access bits within sector tin which block 7 is contained will define how you can communicate with that sector.

would you be able to upload the eml file for this card ill take a look for you

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hf-mf-24B21679-dump-1.rar (194 Bytes)
Thank you very much


according to your access bits, to write to any of the blocks in that sector you need to use the KeyB which is

the restore wont know to do this so youll need to use hf mf wrbl with the -b flag to write individual blocks with the KeyB

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