Mini lettore rfid, come usarlo

Girando su internet ho trovato questo:

Ho pensato, secondo voi è compatibile con gli impianti?
Potrebbe essere montato in auto? Magari per farla partire?

Yes this can read the T5577 chip in EM mode in our xEM or NExT product, but it only outputs 3 bytes of data from the 5 byte ID… Wiegand output is terrible.

Io ho comprato xSIID e sono in attesa di riceverlo, questo potrebbe essere compatibile con questo impianto?

No, you need a reader that can read 13.56MHz to work with the xSIID

That one up there operates on the LF side, 125Khz.

If I understand everything correct.

Si è tutto corretto, grazie, mi sai dire qualche oggetto utile che funziona con xSIID da poter acquistare?

I don’t want to derail the topic, but where did the translate button go?

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I have never used it. Just Google translate.

Yo no se.
No entiendo

There we go!

It was initially posted in “Things I want to remember.”
I just moved it to support, and my new post has translation function.

The Translate feature was inplace before the “thing I want to remember” So I guess amal needs to select the new categories to have translate when they are added.
And it looks like Translate doesn’t look at cached posts…

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no idea… it doesn’t seem to work like that… ? there are no configs like that, just asks for API keys and that’s all… the plugin is kinda shit. i would prefer it make less assumptions and let you select your native language in your user profile and then put the icon on every post… but it makes assumptions based on your browser details and some sort of assessment of the post… so if there is mixed languages in the post like a quote or something, it appears to shit the bed (hah, translate that!)

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Kaka la Cama

Strange because translate was not shown in “things I want to save” but did for me here in support.
I believe the language in question is Catalan. I will copy and paste one of his posts below and see if it works

Амаль насрала кровать.


Nope, it didn’t like that

Google says it’s Italian.

Maybe if that’s the ONLY language in the post.

Si è tutto corretto, grazie, mi sai dire qualche oggetto utile che funziona con xSIID da poter acquistare?

Edit> Copy and pasted just the above text and it worked. Must not like dual language posts.

Actually yeah! that makes sense, but I think Amal is correct about it having the shits when it has to deal with, mixed language, quotes etc

Yeah it takes the first dominant language incase of quotes its English usually :stuck_out_tongue:

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what are the xSIID compatible items I can purchase?

Sorry but i speak little english :sweat_smile: