Miss 4 wants to be like Dad

So I hear screaming at the front door… A little alarmed because 30 seconds earlier I thought I heard the door opening. Little Miss 4 had opened the door, put the rubbish bin out then come back to a locked door. After settling her down, I got to the bottom of what was going on… She was trying to “swipe in” the front door like Dad does. After re-explaining that I have a chip in my hand to make this happen, she then complained that it was not fair I wouldn’t let her get one.


So why not have the youngest cyborg in the world?

Nah I understand but get her a wearable!

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+1, get her a cheap wristband or a NFC ring off Aliexpress, I’m sure she’ll love it and it feels like magic too!

Unless you don’t want a 4 year old having a house key incase it gets lost - perfect opportunity to put an RFID lock on her bedroom or a toybox!


My little one hasn’t got upset about a door lock yet, but has cried about wanting her own magic hand before.

I’ve got some NFC nails coming in, and have a bunch of capacative touch switches I’ve wired to a few things so she can feel special too.

please don’t chip your toddlers… that’s what the conspiracy theorists want you to do.


But DO get them a sparkly fingerless glove that does “magic”.

Might skip the rings. Choking hazards and all.

The fact that you’ve both got kids who want to be involved is wicked cool. Deeply envious.


I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted a reason to dress up an go to a Renaissance festival.

I do not know how tech savvy you are, but you could help her make special gloves that interact with her costume. Like she waves one over the other and lights turn on.

Look at these gloves on amazon.

Very simple design, all 4 fingers together. Basically a sequined sock with a thumbhole.
Know anybody who sews?

You could put a pocket in it, and then slip in a RFID in a small form.

(Disclaimer at the top, just in case: this is clearly a joke and nobody should do this)

If she has her ears pierced, you could always swap her earring out for an RFID cattle tag for the weekend, then swap it back.

Have actually thought about rfid ear rings, she is at perfect head height for the reader…

But what better way to track their every movement anywhere on earth… (apparently they can do that now…)

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Cellphones? Kids are drawn to the damn things like flies to a turd.

Good point, should just implant a cell phone!


It’s the logical progression from a PegLeg. Tear out the board, grab the wireless charging thingy and go for it.

Was a post a while back about someone who used the field detectors to make a set.

Don’t even have to tell her it is a key, tell her the door has a secret to tell her and she needs to listen for it.


maybe not getting the little one chipped but perhaps a wearable or a fob

I was actually wondering yesterday how this played out.


Still on the drawing board, Miss 4 has worked out the cat flap is a good entry point into the back yard through the garage then bang on the back door to get let in. Currently in the middle of an alarm system upgrade, thinking a facial recognition cam as an access credential. Have been playing with this at work and it is incredible. Have already got it working on a few sites, dual credential access, card and face. That or just put another cat flap in the back door!
Miss 4 had her ear pierced and took it out, I am thinking low tech for the moment, that or just get her a PIN for the pin pad. only valid when the alarm system is disarmed (we are home)… and im instantly heading back to higher tech… cat flap it is!


off topic but i adore how you refer to your kiddo as miss 4

Miss 3 and Miss 4 are now obsessed with DrWho. All of dads tools are sonic screwdrivers… apple and tree? No more my little pony, i want darleks and time lords.

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And Dad’s Portapotty is a Tardis then? :slight_smile:

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