Missing marking on Magic Ring?

In the images/video on the Magic Ring page, there’s a 1-dot marking (location of LF) and a 2-dot marking (location of HF). My ring just arrived yesterday, and it only has the 1-dot marking.

I’m just checking that this is intended/known, and that it won’t affect the performance at all (e.g. if the holes improve the antenna reception through the ring). Does anyone know?

That is a little odd.

The good news is
Most Likely, The one dot is still the T5577 chip, and on the opposite side SHOULD be the MF1k chip, that you can easily test with a phone.
Scan it with your phone, and if it reads, you should be golden.
Do you have an iPhone, Android, or something else?

What other RFID tools do you have? A proxmark? A flipper zero?

I’m going to say no

I have a Flipper, and was able to write to both the T5577 (with the Flipper) and the MF1k (with MCT on my Android phone). They both read back just fine on the Flipper/MCT as well (I compared the files to the reads).

It’s probably fine. I’m mostly checking as I don’t know if the missing dots could indicate a manufacturing defect, which might only cause problems after a few weeks/months from now.

I think it simply an asthetic defect.

Dangerous Things are great with warranty stuff, so Any functional issues, I’m sure you’ll be covered.

Also, by posting here you have basically documented the “issue.”

So just enjoy your new toy, hang around on the forum and come back here if you have any further questions with your ring

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It’s a defect turned into a feature. We got a whole batch without the two dot marking and effectively it makes the markings more subtle which I think everybody appreciates? We were often asked if we could make the markings less visible and I think this achieves that goal by accident?


I do appreciate the more subtle markings, so I’m gonna take this as a win :smile: