Mistake in Order

Hi DT,
Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I ordered the Ultron bundle and an NFC ring, however the order arrived without the ring. I know things are difficult right now but I’d love to get this resolved. Thanks:)

Hey @Gnome,
outside of this Covid Shit, DT are also moving premises, Obviously they are still doing business, but if we throw an @amal and an @mdanger in here, it may get their attention.
Amal is normally on this forum at least daily, but recently, I think because if the above it has only been quick visits.

Probably the best way to get it sorted (and it will get sorted, because they are amazing) is contact via the “help” on the DT webpage.
Floating HELP button bottom right and fill out the form for their ticket system


Thanks so much for that! I couldn’t see the help button on mobile, and ‘support’ brought me to the forum.
Thanks again

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We’re sorting it out :slight_smile: The ticket has been forwarded to @mdanger