Modding the Wyze Lock Keypad for RFID

Hey everyone! I have had a Wyze lock for a while now and while it is great and a decent smart lock it is lacking something important, the ability to use my implant to unlock it (xNT & xEM). When I bought the lock I also got the keypad with it, but never installed it because I had a plan, mod it with a RFID reader (like this one) and voilà I have a smart lock that I can unlock with my hand. I have ran into a problem though, and I am hoping someone here can help.
The keypad uses a matrix button layout which has messed with my original plan of just connecting the keypad to an arduino. I have only worked with matrix keypads in my electrical labs in college, and I am kinda lost for how to emulate it. I have considered using small solid state relays or transistors to connect the various combinations of keys, but this seems very inefficient with both space and power (as I want this battery operated), I would only have to order them. I also tried following a random post I found on the Pi form about just driving one of the combos low to simulate a keypress, but that restarted the keypad… I have been working on this for awhile, hoping to finish it and post a working project instead of this, but I figured there are people on this form much smarter than I am, so why not ping others brains. The pictures are of the keypad pcb, and the layout of the buttons that I have found using my multimeter. Thanks to y’all in advance!

Screenshot 2022-01-02 135308


Mate your plan sounds like a good one, unfortunately, I cant help you directly, but I can tell you what I would do ( Which you may have already considered )

I did a quick interwebs search, and When I first saw the App, I thought tasker might be a solution, scan your implant, tasker script, door opens BUT if you have your phone, it automatically opens…

Next, I thought, I would be opening up both the lock and the keypad and finding the Lock / unlock points on the board, and throwing an xAC or similar onto one of those.
It’s not as elegant as your plan, but it is a Cheap, Simple solution.

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you hanging without an answer, although you still didn’t get one, there is some food for thought

As a side note, this Wyze lock, appears to be a cheap ($100) multiple lock type compatible, with the potential to be a good base to build off for the community lock project ( So that may be your alternative solution )


Thanks for the reply! The tasker suggestion actually got me thinking, and realizing that I may have made this more complicated than it needed to be. I may be able to use an ESP32 along with the RFID reader that I have and using something like IFTTT to unlock the door. That would still be simple, wireless, and low power. Something like this could also possibly be used for other locks that are compatible with IFTTT… I will look into it.
As for the other suggestion with the xAC, I wanted something that doesn’t modify the actual lock (for security reasons, even though that might be worry for nothing), and I need something that is wireless as I have no way of powering anything else (and I do not have a window by my apartment door for an xAC).