Mojo Contact Lens

Hey y’all!

Just came across this … would really be a dream in term of integration and interactivity …

What do you guys think?
Do you think it will ever (or any time soontm ) come to market?

Ps: found an interview with someone from Moho:


I saw the Tested video on it and was very impressed. Totally looking forward to the day this is a real consumer product. Hell, I’d pay to sign up for a beta test for this.

A solid Heads-up display is something I’ve always wanted. I’m so disappointed that Google Glass flopped, because that’s probably the closet we’ve gotten to a solid one yet. (Not counting VR/AR goggles. They’re way too big and bulky to wear on a daily basis.)

I just want a solid pair of glasses (or contact lenses) that will give me an interactive HUD. I don’t even wear glasses, but I would for that convenience. The closest I’ve used to something like this is some Bose sunglasses with speakers that you can use a voice assistant with. Close, but still as cool as a true HUD.


No discussion about security of course. I gotta wonder what the HackRF community thinks about this :slight_smile:



Have you seen this? Building and testing helpful AR experiences

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