More powerful antenna on xem access controller?

I’m going to use the xem access controller v2 as a garage door opener.

My initial thought was to only use it with my next implant whenever I need to enter the garage on foot…

…But then I thought it would be cool if the door could auto open when I approach with my car (having its separate tag)

There are of course many ways one could do that, but I started reading about 125k antennas that can read a card that is 1meter away.

So the question is whether the xem can use a different antenna?

Thinking about this one

… and if that could work, what wiring is compatible? WG26, RS232 or RS485? (my initial guess is WG26 with a separate power supply?)

The thing you linked isn’t just an antenna it is a reader that puts out the uid in a serial string of some description.

The coil on the xAC2 is just that a coil of wire (designed to be paired with a capacitor on board the reader) that resonates at 125KHz. You could measure the inductance of the coil and make a larger one (physically larger) with the same inductance an that should work.

Alternatively you could use a uhf tag and reader thats how toll bridges tend to work.


Ahh… Thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face: