Most advanced 86 4Runner on the road

This is a demo of my RFID activated push start on my 1986 Toyota 4Runner. Also attached is an outside shot because this truck has been a constant project and labor of love.


Hey @NMrfid,
looks really nice and works flawlessly.
Can you share more information about the build?
Which “Push Button” did you use? How did you connect it?

I also want to open and start my Van, so I can just forget my keys.

So the push button is one I ordered on Amazon. I ordered two. They’re both basically the same thing. They’re very simple devices, electronically speaking. The one I linked is the one installed currently. I also ordered a replacement ignition harness for my truck so I could make a pigtail and plug it in directly to the truck-side harness. I cut the harness in half and wired the plug to the box. That way I have a clean install and I don’t have to butcher any harness. If I ever have an issue I can just plug in the keyed-harness, reinstall the ignition tumbler, and use the key.

Keep in mind, this is a non-fob vehicle. It’s all analog and I leave the top off of it year round. I don’t lock my doors because there is literally no reason to/no increase in physical security by doing so.