Most versatile HF implant

I all!

I have no specific need for an HF implant at the moment. What is the most versatile implant for looking at cloning access control credentials so that you have options in the future? Mainly .


Potentially the NExT? You’re getting two chips in a single implant. The HF side is an NTAG216 and it also has a LF side with a T5577.

Do note that cloning HF credentials is not always possible and those that are clonable will probably require an xM1 or flexM1.

Anything with t55 in it, so NExT, xem, flexem, etc…

I’m going off your thread title

Most versatile HF implant

Because your wording in the post could be interpreted as

~ Don’t need HF implant and looking at most versatile

Pac rightly suggested a T5577 chip option, BUT from your title, I would suggest the HF equivalent like enginerd suggested, the Mifare Classic range.

If it is in the future, I would suggest the YET TO BE RELEASED xMagic ( whensoon )


Ah, thanks; I can see how confusing I made it.

I currently have an xEM implant and want an HF implant. However, I don’t need one, i.e., a card to clone, etc. So I want to know which one I should get and which is the most versatile so I can clone cards to it in the future.

Thanks, everyone, it looks like I might wait for the xMagic

Well … An ntag implants can be ran through a phone and you can make cool automation, no card needed …

I think that the next would probably be the way to go, it has 2 sides with an HF NTAG216 and a LF T5577 chip with the T5577 chips are able to emulate almost every LF chip.