Motogadget ignition

hi guys i see you have an implant that works with motogadget ignitions i was wondering if any of your rings will work with this system

Hey mate, I’ve just had a quick look, and it seems like the Motogadget ignition uses a low frequency 125kHz.
I’m not 100% on that, and there is not a lot of information freely available. if it is 125kHz it could also be one of a few protocols, hopefully somebody else on here can confirm for you.
Alternatively, I’m in NZ also, if you have a spare “key/fob” you could send it to me and I can check it out for you. (just PM me if you want)
The Dangerous things implant equivalent would be xEM or the NExT, however in the wearables, dangerous things only sell the High Frequency Rings.
But all is not lost, if I am correct and it is 125kHz, grab one from aliexpress for about NZ$15
They also do wristbands etc. for a couple of dollars, and cards for even less. grab a couple to test and if it works then you’ll know what ring to grab.
hope that helps