Motorcycle Ignition - Tryhard Edition

Well, well, well. The weekend is here and it’s time to start the motorcycle ignition project.

I’ll be doing an install of the xAC v2 on my 2017 DR-Z400SM. This bike is my daily so it will get nothing but my best install work. Braided wire loom, adhesive lined heat shrink, custom crimped cables, potted electronics, the whole 9 yards.

Here a little sneak peak of things to come!

This xAC coil with JST JWPF waterproof connector and braided wire loom will soon be potted in a 3D printed case for utimate weather and vibration protection.

So much more to come!


Placeholder 1

Placeholder 2

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Have you made any progress? I have a DR650 I want to do this with and have no idea where to even begin. So new to all the RFID/NFC stuff

Aw shit. I think I made this thread drunk and forgot to document the process. I did finish it though

If you wanted to document the process above, if you DM me the write ups I can slot them in
I can delete them for you so you can add them in below…
Because, and I quote


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