Moving an xg3 2 weeks later

Hi all, I was just wondering if anybody has any experience or suggestions on how to readjust my xg3?

I had Installed it about two weeks ago, and I found that the position it in at the blade of my hand Tends to “hurt” when I lean on my table or desk.
I’m hoping to move it a few centimetres up or down depending on which way it will move, it does feel a little fluid in movement and I don’t think it’s encapsulated it self yet.


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Two weeks may not be healed yet. Besides they have a tendency to settle where they want to, not necessarily where you want them. Kinda like a cat.

I know that’s not much help, but give it a little patience and see if it’ll settle for you.


I had a similar issue for a while with my Spark 2. It was installed in the blade of my right hand. Some things were uncomfortable of painful like using the mouse on my computer but after about 2 months it settled down.

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Th is for the responses

I’m a pretty fast healer - skin wise anyways, I can certainly wait for it.

it just worked itself into the one and only line that I tend to lean on. Feels like when you have a fresh bruise and someone pokes it like a jerk.

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My xg3 is now over 4 weeks “old”

I can move it about 5mm by pushing it or taking another magnet to move it.

But no matter what - it will go back to the old position after i start to move / bend my my finger

Either not moving it in the first place, just squishing your flesh around and taking the magnet with it

Or your leaving the original divet if you will where it was, so it falls back in

I tried to move my NeXT. It didn’t work. It kept going to sit on top of my bone, and it was uncomfortable. I just realized I can deal with it, or remove it. I opted to let it be, and now I don’t even know it is there.