Moving or migrating implant examples

I get a bunch of questions from people who get worried or scared because their implant migrates. In these cases a visual reference can be helpful and reassuring. So I thought I would take advantage of my newly installed xG3 to make a clean video that can be pointed to in these cases

To make this post interesting I invite you to post your experiences with migration :wink:

Also if this topic is supposed to be in another category feel free to change it, I wasn’t sure


I’ve actually had it migrate even higher to in between my fingers. After several years, it’s finally settled down in the middle of my hand.


Ok so I foolishly did a self install of both my implants after local tattoo/piercing shops refused. However it was successful. To get back on topic the arrows show the current locations of my chips and the white line shows where they were placed. They migrated to that location not even a week after install and have been there since around November 2021. I have tried to push them for fun and although i didn’t apply alot of force they seem to be stuck and tug on the skin if i push them.

Just to bother someone, the needle bevel was face up. :grin:

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