MRI REFUSED (UK) - what to do from here?

I am in the UK (Kent) and have a NExT implant in my right hand, have now been told I can’t have an MRI due to the implant and I need to have it removed before they will MRI me… Any suggestions!? (The MRI is for my ear!!)

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Have you tried sending them this document?


Would it be possible to do a CT instead? I needed an MRI on my knee but was able to get a CT scan with contrast dye instead.


I can’t speak from personal experience, but several people have mentioned here that they’re supposed to have some kind of MRI test wand, sounds quite fancy to me.

Have they done anything with that and the implant?
If not you could try to request it


It’s the UK. You should have just answered no.

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Interesting -I had an MRI recently with 3 implants already in (4 total chips and antennae) and technician didn’t bat an eye when I mentioned my implants. The procedure went fine and all of my implants still work. I guess there’s at least one thing that’s better about US health care. Or maybe it’s just the Mythbusters keeping people informed. You could come here and get your MRI as long as you don’t mind paying 20x the $$$ out of pocket (sadly, I’m not exaggerating).