MRI with Multiple X-Series, Flex Implants, Titans, and a xG3

So the day I dreaded has finally arrived and due to factors outside my control, I have to most likely get an MRI. We’re still holding out hope other scans might be better, but an MRI seems like it will be required at some point. For reference, I have the following:

FlexMT on top of hand
xSIID at wrist
Titan magnet in ring finger

FlexMN on top of hand
NExT RFID X-series between thumb and pointer
xSIID at wrist
Titan magnet in ring finger
xG3 V2 Diametric in middle finger
A non-functioning missing xSIID in my arm somewhere :woozy_face:

When the first technician called for scheduling, I let him know and he checked with his manager, who pretty reasonably said hell no to me getting scanned. I know the x-series are MRI safe, but it’s the flex implants and magnets I’m worried about. I know I’m probably gonna have to get the magnets removed, which will suck but is honestly the least invasive of all. I’m hoping I can have my primary care doc do it, or find a willing piercing artist. My concern more lies in the Flex ones on the back of my hand as I haven’t been able to find any documentation about their MRI-compatibility. Anyone have any info/tips @amal?

I don’t believe any flexies have been tested with MRIs, but they have less magnetic material than the x series implants. So the you shouldn’t have a problem afaik.
Sucks that you might have to get an MRI and take out the magnets. Hope the other scans come back positive!
My doc decided to do a CT with contrast instead of an MRI due to my magnets.

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Unless the leadframes of the chips contain any iron, flex implants should be even safer than a glassies.

The Titans and xG3 however… :confused: At least it’s easier to get them re-sterilized now.

I hope that everything goes well on your end and that you recover quickly!

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Recently got an MRI with both the NeXT and xSIID and it was easy. I sent them the documentation from the site and then all the link’s I could find (including the myth busters video) they didn’t question and all is well.

I did however have to take out my magnet from my hand.

Good luck with yours and don’t worry about the implants except magnet

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We have no official testing for Flex but anecdotally people have gone through MRI with them. The so-called lead frame of the chip will depend on the chip used. Some of them are aluminum, but some do contain enough magnetically saturable material to allow magnets to stick to them… but no different really from X series in terms of magnetic attraction.


If I was in your situation, I would be trying to get my magnets removed super fresh ie. JUST before the MRI, keeping them clean eg. isoprop container and putting them back in as soon as possible after before the removal holes have an opportunity to heal.

It may be a hail mary, but I would be at the very least trying to convince the Hospital staff to help facilitate


ask if an alternative would be suitable


Yeah, I thought about doing a hot swap in-and-out, but there is a suspicion I may need more MRI’s, so getting them back in might be leading me down a perpetual cycle. Nonetheless, great idea! Any idea of how long of a heal the fingers would need in the long term before they are good for reimplantation?

My installer wont touch the same finger for over a year