Mul-T-Lock Smartair door lock

Hi, I have the possibility to install a Smartair door lock by Mul-T-Lock.

Is it compatible with xSiid? I have no clue how to check, lol


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id not do that if i were you :wink:

hint: defcon 2022 smartair

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I have no clue, But here’s a link that might help, I think @Pilgrimsmaster did a nice write up on chip compatibility but I couldn’t find it.

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Is it safe to assume that products working at 13.56 Mhz frequency with NExT will do the same with xSIID?

No, not guaranteed, But, if the access system / Lock is talking ISO14443A and just looking for a 7byte ID, for all intents and purposes it’s “the same”

Basically you wont KNOW until you (or somebody else) tries