Multi-Channel Control

I want to connect several drawers to one controller.
Do you think this board will do the work?,scm-url:1007.18499.280016.0,pvid:7be850d7-a4b6-4c18-9fbc-ef2d5e0c4ba3,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238107%231934&pdp_npi=2%40dis!ILS!20.81!20.81!!!!!%402101f6b216610039595445069e6cd3!12000026096685422!rec

You’ll need a lot of other stuff to make that work but it’s a good start

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Thank you Amal,
Would you suggest a better board?
I feel every time I order from AliExpress is a gamble

Well this board is just a relay controller really. How are you planning on telling the board to open a relay?

It looks like using mosfets instead of relays and it has an option to monitor the status of some chinise electric cabinet locks.

Big Clive uploaded a video a while back about the ones shown in the pictures of that board:

However, using that board does not look easy. I know that it uses RS232 and RS485 but the rest is a mystery to me. It might be jokingly easy to use or incredibly hard, it’s hard to tell with these things from china.

What is this used for?

Not mind control if that’s what you’re jumping on