Multiclass RF USB RFID Card Reader

When you buy either a LF or HF “RF USB RFID Card Reader”
you will get something like this

i.e. They look identical

BUT, what’s under the hood?

HF on the LEFT - LF on the RIGHT

(ignore the bit at the topof the LF one, that is another little project you’ll hear about soon enough)

does anybody notice anything :question:

Yep, Thats right, the HF reader has everything the LF one has ( except an LF antenna ) and the LF one is “missing” some components.

If we were to solder an LF antenna into the HF board, what will happen?

Yep, you guessed it, AND you probably read the title;
we now have a small multiclass USB RFID reader


If you want a HF only or Multiclass reader in this form factor, Just get the HF version ( and an LF antenna for Multiclass )
If you only want LF then get the LF

I have another couple of Projects related to this reader, but I’m also shortly away from home for 4 weeks and it’s unlikely I will have written them up by then, so you’ll just have to wait and see :eyes:


Do you know the inductance of the LF antenna?

I assume that you should be able to source one from ebay or aliexpress by looking at the pictures or something but I would prefer to make sure before ordering. (As if that mattered with the ever changing chinise designs…)

No I don’t unfortunately.

The one I used came of the LF version of one of those readers and they are pretty cheap and I know they work.
However, You could try something even cheaper like this ( Or similar )

Remove the Chip, reshape the antenna aka. Squish


I think that it’s best to order both readers instead TBH. I wasn’t thinking about chinese prices. :unicorn_upset_disappointed:

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