Multiple Flexes

Ive been tossing the idea back and forth about getting 3 flex chips in my left hand. I’m thinking a FlexNT at position 8 (copying the photo in the store), a FlexM1 at position 1, and as soon as it’s available the Apex Flex at position 3.

I’m thinking that should be plenty of space between the 3 of them to avoid scanning the wrong one by mistake.

One of things stopping me at the moment (other than the Apex not being available yet (waits patiently)) is our current pandemic and my desire to not be turned down repeatedly as I drive from one body mod shop to the next trying to get somebody to do the installs.

Anybody out there got any ideas or suggestions to throw my way about my thoughts on placement, and how far would you be willing to travel to get your implants put in?

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Hand position Image for reference

link to post

Keep in mind the benefit of a flex is the improved read angle and range. By putting them so close you may still need to manipulate your hand to avoid a collision.

Is there any particular reason you want them all in 1 hand? The wrist / forearm is a great place for flexes.

Although it would depend on the readers you are using them with, if it is just phones that should be fine as the coils in them are not very powerful and you can easily manipulate the phone.

One thing I will say if you do put a flex in position 1, you would essentially be loosing the option to put a HF x form factor in position 0.

Shameless plug: This wiki post covers a lot of implant locations if you have not seen it.

Out of curiosity what is your use case for the FlexNT as both the FlexM1 and Apex will provide the same capabilities and much more? Is it purely that it will fit in pos 8?

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I’m trying to stick to the hand so I can work around tight spaces, the FlexM1 I’d be using when I stay at a hotel that’s using the old 1k Mifare cards and I’ve seen the readers get awfully close to the handle and or the doorframe. As for the FlexNT being in 8 you nailed it, it’s just because it’d fit. No current plans for it.

Hadn’t thought about clashes with position 0 though, thanks for that. I’ve got my NExT in there so maybe I’ll have to rethink it a bit.

Could do 5 and 2 instead.


I am considering putting the Apex flex in pos 8

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@Backpackingvet Got yourself some long fingers, I measured mine out and it looked a little too close to the knuckle for me, but I had considered it.


I am planing on putting my apex there. I think I saw amal was doing so as well in some post.

Would directly on the back of the wrist not be a good spot for a the m1 or apex as it is smaller than your hand in that spot so fairly safe and easy to scan?

I would pay attention to where the rest of the reader is when you scan your NExT if it goes no where near the pos 2 should work fine I think.

@NiamhAstra wrist is no good, I’m one of the few who wear a watch and I was planning on putting the FlexEM behind my right wrist. (On the outside)

It’ll be my new name tag at work and I’ll be able to clear the LF side of my NExT for future use elsewhere.

(Getting tired of the reader at work being so picky about orientation, it’s held to a wall mounted computer by a piece of Velcro)

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I am still yet to work out where I am putting that bad boy…
You could always put one on the underside of the right wrist.

But 2, 5 and 8 sound ok as long as 2 wont clash with 0


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