Music with Titan?

Just had the Titan installed two days ago and am already finding things in my workspace that affect it, like the laptop charger and various motors. Want to try and use it to play music (yes I know its gonna suck) anyone got any links to project plans?

Thanks, Nate

I would avoid playing with it as much as possible while it is healing, despite how difficult it is not to play with it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m trying my best not to :joy::joy:

A theremin is played by disrupting the magnetic field, with which you don’t need a magnet to do, BUT if you had one, you Might get a different effect.

I’m pretty sure the stylophone is played but closing the loop with the tethered stylus, but would be a good project to try to modify, by using your body as the conductive path…but again the magnet would not be essential


I hate to be the ackchyually guy, but the Theremin is played by altering the electric fields between the player and the instrument. When playing the Theremin you become part of a capacitor in the circuit.


Would the magnet make any change in playing a theremin, then?

nope. I could see possibly making a mini theremin that uses hall effect or magnetometers instead but that would require some development to make. bonus would be added effect if you could take 3 axis and turn it into music like x- frequency y- amplitude z- effects

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Happy to be corrected, but I wonder if we are saying the same thing…but differently
(disrupting : altering)

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Magnetic pickups on an electric guitar could maybe be repurposed as a magnetic thermin?


Those of you who have had the titan installed for a while is there still pain/discomfort when you approach something that has a powerful magnet inside it? Have you changed what you do because of it?

Mine is about 5 weeks old now, and I still try not to mess with it too much - I definitely avoid strong magnets, or approach them quite carefully, especially since I really don’t want my titan to flip. I sometimes play with it a bit (I can lift 13 paperclips or a 5 (euro) cent coin :wink: ), and when I overdo it, there is some sore feeling in the magnet’s area. Same with typing - I try not to use my ringfinger, but when I do, there is some slight pain after a while. Not the immediate pain like in the beginning, where touching anything with it was a bad idea, but rather some sort of irritation. Guess that will go away after some more weeks :woman_shrugging:

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Mine has flipped on edge a couple of times now either because I got too close to a magnet or I grabbed something weird but there hasn’t been any discomfort and I usually just use a weak magnet to convince it to pick a side. biggest nuisance is the fact that I can feel it slapping around in the pocket like loose change :joy:

Well this is a TiTAN music thread, I would call that a maracca


Or share it in the

call it your pet rattle snake


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Had my Titan installed 15 days ago now, been trying to keep it away from magnets but since I work in an optics lab for lasers I encounter them a lot. I keep managing to grab stuff weird and flip the magnet on its side. (Never had a magnet implant before) so will that continue to happen even once its fully healed and is there anything I can do while its healing to keep it flat?

I don’t think there’s much you can do to be honest. I wouldn’t put anything against your skin to like try to hold it that way or anything… That could create pressure and necrosis. Just keep trying your best and it should eventually heal up.

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Maybe wear a non-magnetic thimble / finger splint or similar( Rubber, leather or aluminium ) to deaden and reduce the magnetic pull for a while…

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