My first implant a vivo key

so last Sunday i had my first implant set in my right hand by the thumb
i had a appointment to get 3 done that day a vivokey spark 2 next and a xm1+
but after the first needle went in the blood rushed out from my face and i decided i would come back 2 more times for the installation of the other 2 which i will do next Sunday then the xm1+ will be installed and i will be able to unlock al the doors in the building i live in i live in a old government building and all the door readers are stilt here and working so is the parking basement i now i will never forget my key card and get lock out happen 3 times already

i went to Utrecht to piercing shop Utrecht to install it and it was a great experience they are very nice and understanding al in al great :smiley:


Tom? He’s awesome.

yes i went to tom a colleague of him implanted the chip
i had a very good conversation with tom and his colleague’s
this Sunday i will be there again for the xm1+ install

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So I didn’t like the way I should hold my hand for the kbr1 so it will read the chip so I made a holder for it with some storage as well for on my desk

if thare is anyone intressted i wil put the file up for dowload
or if you want i can print it and send it to you


Mate, that is a great idea, and looks tidy.
Definitely throw the file up, I’m sure that will be an option for a good number of members.

I wonder if you would be better to give this it’s own post in the Project section.

Maybe ALL the files so they can be edited ( What CAD software did you use? )

Thanks again for the share :+1:

That’s quite beautiful :purple_heart:

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Yeah edit the post with the file!!