My first implant!

Since Monday, here I am raised too!
Finally cyborg!
No swelling, some itching sometimes, a little bad when I spread the thumb of the index, but I am satisfied and apparently my body accepts the implant very well.
I look forward to my future implants lord I know a little about them and their use.

I have the Vivokey Spark.
For my next implant, what do you advise me?
I would like an implant other than an RFID chip, something that has memory.


Congrats! I was absolutely ecstatic when I got mine.

What would you want to do with another one? I have an xNT that I have sort of for kicks and giggles, and xEM that I use for work. What one you should get all depends on what you intend to do with it.


Welcome to the family :slight_smile:

I think the xNT or flexNT you can store your vCard. Unlocking your phone or computer (I don’t know if you can do this with the vivokey spark) I have the spark - at the moment I have only the profile set.

Thank !
I was thinking of unlocking my natel, my computer too, why not unlock a safe too …
I’m also looking for an implant that can store files, that sort of thing.

I just had an xnt a couple of weeks back. I found the healing process to be quick. I left it open after 48hrs to heal naturally. If you want to keep it covered then use hydrocolloid plasters/faster healing plasters. They are excellent.

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Thank !
For me it’s the same, just the account but I can not do anything else.
I hope they will develop the app.

The Quick Vent Safe works with the xEM implant ( Low Frequency )

I still managed to put the link of my Facebook page on the Spark, but it is true that by that we are rather restricted for the moment.

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I wouldn’t get disheartened by the lack of uses for the VivoKey Spark at the moment. The devs in the Beta group are working very hard on various applets. Some of the applets will be targeted at the Flex One and some at the Spark, but there’s definitely good things on the horizon.

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