My flexDF installation and notes


I’ve had my flexDF installed for almost 4 weeks now so I thought I’d share some stuff about the installation of my implant as well as share some thoughts I have.

Unfortunately I was only able to get a couple of shots the procedure so I’ll just have to talk through what happened.

I went to a body modification shop here in Melbourne, Australia to have the procedure done by John. It took about 30 minutes total from first incision to final stitch. I decided to have the implant on the top of my left hand because I thought the size of the tag would be a bit big and uncomfortable elsewhere.

Initially the area where the implant was going to go was drawn on and then sterilized with a betadine solution. Local anesthetic was used to numb the area. Once I was unable to feel any pain in the area the John started to create a straight cut at the base of where the tag would be pushed into using a scalpel. Once wide enough John used a flat, rounded scalpel (I’m not sure what they’re actually called) to start cutting underneath the skin to create the pocket in which the tag would sit.

Once the pocket was large enough the tag was simply slid under the skin by hand. After the tag was in John stitched up the initial incision with four stitches.

As for aftercare, I was careful not to get the cut wet for the first 10 or so days until I could see the wound closing up. I did wash my hand in warm salt water every now and then to keep it clean. At about the tenth day I removed the stitches.

A note:

It was quite uncomfortable during the first week. As the implant is just above a tendon on my hand any excessive movement felt at thought it was rubbing against the implant. I’m a coder so I spend my day typing which wasn’t the most enjoyable experience ever but once it settled down a bit the discomfort has basically disappeared.