My flexNext can be made read only

My flexNext can be made read only (it says that when I scan it). Is there a way to prevent that from happening? Can this accidentally make it useless?

@anon3825968 actually had a thread going about the issues he’s experiencing setting passwords right now.

This one here

A lot of it goes over my head, but I seems like it’s mostly fine, except for certain use cases?

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Ah… just use the Dangerous NFC app to secure it. Since these are hand made I’ve not been keeping with the factory programming… I really should though.


Amal, I hate to rain on your parade, but please read through the other thread. The DT NFC app is just dodgy.

Alright I think I’ll wait :sweat_smile: just to be sure

Well, I can see in the traces where it fails. Just can’t figure out why yet. But frankly it’s safer to avoid the thing if you want to retain the ability to unset the password and access the passworded areas.

If you don’t care of course - and most people just care about writing an NDEF in the user memory, then you should be fine. But the fact remains that the app leaves the chip in some weirded out state when it fails, so it’s not something I would be confident running on something that required stitches to put under my skin.

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The dnfc app explains what it’s doing in the screenshot and home screen of the app. If you want you can do any of these actions yourself with NFC shell… I suggest looking the cc page 03 and then disabling lock bytes at a minimum.