My implants arrived, just a few self-implant questions

As a preface I think it’s worth noting that this is my first little dabble into biohacking and alike stuffs.

My Cyborg Transformation Kit arrived in the mail today and I’m going to carry out a self-implant most likely this week (originally I was not considering a self implant however I will have to because of the current covid19 situation, I might wait for a professional shop to open up, though) I am feeling confident that I understand the procedure well but I still have a few questions/concerns that I wasn’t able to look up.

  1. What methods are recommended to sterilize a room or the area I am planning to do the implant in?

  2. How long do I have to wait before I can touch non-sterile surfaces, is it enough to wait until the wound has scabbed over? I assume it’s not for the whole 2-4 weeks lol

  3. This is kind of embarrassing but for safety I will disclose that I sleep in a fetal position where I wrap the blanket a bit around my hands, will I have to adjust my sleeping habits during the 2-4 week healing process to make sure there is no undue pressure on the implant? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll write about how it goes after, of course.

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Congrats and I hope it goes well!

Try to find a room with not a lot of air circulation, and that is reasonably clean. The important part is your “work area” is clean. So your table and such are way more important than the room I would say. It is so quick, you don’t need a sterile room.

Right away I guess if you want. I would ensure the bleeding stops, and treat it like any other cut on your hand. By practicing good hand hygiene you should be alright.

How tight do you wrap them? I wouldn’t be too concerned as it would take a lot of pressure to really cause an issue. (Tourniquets can cut blood flow for 4 hours before limb loss occurs usually)
The soreness will likely keep you from wrapping them too tight.

Hope this helps, good luck!


The room doesn’t need to be hospital surgery room level clean, as long as you sterilize the surface you are going to be resting your hand on during the procedure, sterilize the injection site and your skin-tenting tool, and wear a sterile glove on your injecting hand, you should be fine. Just make sure you only remove the needle from the packaging and the plastic tip from the needle right as you are ready to use it.

Good luck, it’s a lot easier than you think and the healing process is very minimal! I self-installed my NExT about a month ago and the injection site has been completely healed for 2 weeks.


Just a note, you can’t sterilise skin. You can sanitize skin, but it’s considered completely unsterile.

I’d recommend reading up on sterile field theory - this is how i did my own implant.

Also, might be worth either using a PMK (not sure what the kits have), or having someone on stand-by so you don’t “waste” an implant being unable to do it (nearly did this).


In addition to the previously mentioned great advice, something that I think is a little overlooked is to make sure you’re fed and watered before hand. I believe this to be why some people faint or blackout post implant. Dont have too much caffeine before, dont have alcohol before (~24hrs) or any drugs.
Its probably worth having someone else aware (if possible) whats going on just in case the worst happens.

If you’re worried about having a sterile working environment, Id advise to clean your working area as well as you can; like @CybRiver said, it doesnt have to be and ER.

Like @fraggersparks said, perhaps good to have someone thats willing to do it on stand by. Id see it like once you open that needle’s packaging you need to be committed to use it. If you have doubts, dont open the needle’s packaging.

Good luck, will be interesting to hear about the outcome!!


Well, I am no expert, but I can tell what I did to myself. First I sterilised the table to work on with alcohol and unpacked whole kit. Then I checked my hands for instalation placement and confirmed with the instruction. Then some wierd things, again with alcohol on the table, generous amounts of octenisept on both hands and preping of topical anesthesia. I used 2% Lignocainum injections. When i had completly no feeling in my instalation places, I used surgical clamps to hold the skin and locked them. With other hand I did the injection, two times. Then again, bath in Octenisept and putting on the tegaderm. After 3 days the patches were off and the injection site were scabbed. Little to no swelling and only a little discomfort when lifting heavy things at work. After 3 weeks it all healed and now is as good as new.


tenor (6)


Aah! I forgot I didn’t update this thread, I did the procedure at around last saturday afternoon putting the xNT into my left hand, I’ll write more about it around a week into the healing process but thanks for y’all’s answers. So far I’ve written my contact information on it and I’m able to get consistent reads!

Another question on aftercare though lol - should I play games with a controller during this period? Cause just picking one up, holding it, and slightly moving the analogue stick feels a little wrong to me, or is it just gripping too hard I have to be worried about?

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I play games with a controller often, and I’ve been through the healing process in the usual spot twice. If you play games like I do, you’re going to grip the controller pretty hard and it’s going to cause the implant to migrate.

Honestly though having been in this space for awhile, I think it’s better to let it migrate. The first 3 days you should probably go easy on it to let the literal wound heal, but after that I would recommend you go about your activities normally. The implant will be shifted by the movement of your hand muscles into a more comfortable spot. During this critical encapsulation period, it will stabilise there and form a cartilage pocket.

If you go out of your way to unnaturally fight the migration, you might regret it. The needle penetration is an important part of creating the immune response that leads to encapsulation. If you’re too ginger with it the implant may stabilise in a less than ideal spot, and then you can’t break it free and induce encapsulation again.

One thing to definitely watch out for is bashing the implant during this period. If it gets knocked around, it could dramatically shift. You can’t let it settle near the bone. If that were to happen, then I would recommend the whole toothpick, tape, and prenatal vitamins route to get it settled back correctly.


Id advise against it for about a week (play it by ear) to let the collagen built back up around the implant. Having your hand in a tense contracted state, like holding a controller, for an extended period could make it adversely migrate.

Live your usual daily life (to an extend) and dont do anything extraneous. If you can forget about it for a little while and act as you normally would, thats ideal. Of course, dont 100% forget about it and anything that feels more funny than it should take note.

Dont hesitate to ask ‘dumb’ stuff or update us with your experiences!


That would be difficult…and weird :tongue:


Extra EXTRA hard mode.

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Could be cool if possible, maybe a future project?!
Hahaha just kidding, Im not nearly knowledgeable to pull that off… yet?

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I’ll take this into account, especially because I think I might’ve injected into the tent a little too high (I had someone hold it for me) and accounting for the 4-6mm movement towards the injection point it’ll barely be a few mm away from it.

I’m scared to find out what that is. :flushed: (please link that thread if it exists)

I can “twitch”/move my ears, so theoretically if I used an accelerometer (or something) implant in each ear there’s at least two digital inputs, (perhaps for the bumper buttons) expanding on the concept further I can also move my eyebrows independently so another two accelerometer (or something) implants there could be the analog triggers. Now if only I could move my eyes independently and use an eye tracker (externally one of those Tobii ones, or somehow as an implant) for the joysticks…


This might be an interesting avenue

Here you go: :smiley:

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Dont forget you can move your head also
Plus a tilt sensor.

Ever since I built my electric skateboard, I have wanted to connect it up to a brain wave scanner.:skateboard: :exploding_head: :video_game: Like the MindFlex, Or Star Wars force trainer, but my skill and knowledge are lacking to be able to do that :slightly_frowning_face: