My new NExT implant doesn't work at LF (?)

Long-time noob here.
I recently replaced my old 1st gen xNT with a NExT, which should work both as a low and high-frequency tag. Except it doesn’t seem to.

I explicitly replaced it to be able to use it with my QuickVent Safe (listed and confirmed compatible by Amal himself) and my doorbell.

I can’t get neither to “add” reckon my implant as a tag.
I tried adding generic NFC stickers and they work as a charm. I tested orientation and used the card to check the fields.
Here is a video demo to show you → NExT not working - YouTube

What other tests can I perform? I don’t have any other readers but my phone’s.
I’m starting to wonder if I have put the wrong implant in me.


I take it you have seen these?

Follow this link to another post with a video, it is embedded on the forum not on DT YouTube channel

Give those things a try and let us know how it goes

hehe, I’m an advanced noob!

In the first video, it explains how to create a new master-key to add new tags. I already have one, so there is no need.

The other comments says that the unit goes to sleep and I neet to smack it. If you see my videos, that is not what’s happening to me.

How recently?

As you don’t have an LF reader outside of devices it is hard to suggest how you could test reading…

Where are you? Do you know anyone with a Proxmark3?

Mid May. I am testing it now because I was traveling earlier.


I’ll ask my closer makerspace

I don’t know if anyone else from Barcelona (or even Spain) is on here.

If it was mid may then swelling shouldn’t be an issue.

Hi Nicoz,

Can you confirm how the keychain works with the front door reader? I did see you tried different orientations with your hand, but I want to be sure that we can use the keychain xFD to create a “map” of the antenna shape on the door reader, then you will know exactly where to cross that antenna path with your implant to try to get a read.

For the quickvent, it looks like the version you have is different from the original quickvent I have… the reader antenna is in a totally different place and since the keychain did not work either it may not work with implants without changing or modifying the antenna in the vent safe.

Let’s focus on the front door reader first so we can understand if the NExT is not working or if it’s a different problem. So please video using the keychain to map out the shape of the LF antenna on the door reader, and then also maybe check to see how the reader responds to unregistered LF tags… does it beep when an unauthorized tag is read or only when an authorized tag is read?

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It looks like you have found two hotspots with the antenna horizontal, could you turn the led 90° and try again between those two spots. i.e. Holding the detector | that way rather than - that way.

I suspect that this should be a coil rather than two spots.

I would still like to see a scan with the detector at 90°. My guess, based on the two spots that light up, is that there is a long thin coil along the top of the word Vermouth, in which case a swipe vertically with the NeXT vertical might be easier to get a read.

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Thanks guys for the support.

Nope, no bips with the hand implant horizontal :frowning:

Here you go

unauthorized tags double bip.

The xFD is not a tag itself, is it?

By paying close attention to the implant, I noticed that the left tip of the implant (marked in blu in the video) kind of goes a bit under, deeper than the rest of the implant.
Being the LF tag at one end of the implant, maybe it’s suboptimal for reading performance?

The XFd just steals energy to light up an LED, it wouldn’t be recognized as a tag.

From that second scan it looks to me as though there is a line across the top of the word Vermouth that would be an easier target for swiping than the two hotspots at either end.

Just to rule out one other thing, do you have a Dangerous Things diagnostic card? If so, could you hold that up to the Vermouth sign and see if the HF or LF lights light up (or both)

Only LF lights up.

It think it shows in the long annoying video posted in the very first message.

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So at this point, I’m thinking that the performance of the field detector shows that it should easily read the tag in your hand. The t5577 chip comes pre-programmed in EM mode… have you confirmed that the key fobs are in fact EM chips or are they HID? Or Awid or indala… They might not be compatible… you might need to program your t5577 by cloning one of the key fobs to it for it to work.

If you wanted to ship me one of the key fobs I could test it for you.

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Whatever the type, I tried interchanging them with the Quick Vent’s, and they both work with one another.

Thank you very much for the offer, I’m afraid it won’t be very convenient for me to ship it across the globe. Maybe it’s easier to get the same from Aliexpress (here) At this point I’d rather buy a Proxymark3 easy from your store (or see if I can find it available from EU).

I’ll gonna need it sometimes anyway… right?

EDIT: just placed the order. I’ll probably gonna get it in september. So… we’ll resume this after the summer I guess

Hmm yeah sounds like EM to me… dang…