My next (first) project: a cheap bicycle lock?

My strategy is my bike is relatively cheap and it is stored next to lots of expensive bikes at work yet my chain is rather beefy so hopefully they pick one of the others xD


Same here, but I never had my bike stolen (it really looks shitty) and it’s locked away most of the time.
Still, the bike lock has one of the keys I use the most and I think it could be replaced relatively easy.


Sounds like plan😆
They might steal the high tech lock though… bragging rights.

So I do have a solution for you, kinda…
but it is not compatiable with the NExT unfortunately.
It works with the original Spark that are no longer available, but also the xSLX which is available in the DT store.

This is the lock link.
They do a padlock and door lock.

Comparatively quite cheap for RFID locks.

I hope that is still helpful

Oh, and welcome :+1:


Oooohhh very sad. I’m limited to the Next currently :confused:
This does seem like a nice lock :frowning:

At least you are now aware of it. :+1:

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I thought an RFID bike lock would be awesome since I use my bike daily for work but being in a city well known for bike thieves … I don’t think the money spent on many RFID locks is gonna be worth it when they pull out an angle grinder so personally it’s one key I don’t mind carrying.

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I’m in berlin, so I guess this applies to me aswell. But honestly, is it that much different than a mechanical lock?

Don’t know about the angle grinder, if they’d have one, my bike would be gone anyway. A different lock probably doesn’t make a huge difference.

Btw I am ignoring lots of “welcomes”'s here, sorry for that, hi to all!

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I have been looking for a padlock. I wonder if they have a backup way to open it.

Sorta kinda depends on your definition of BackUp
The closest, would be a USB port to recharge the battery that they state lasts for 2 years.
It has Bluetooth as a backup to RFID and Vise-Versa
So if the electronics fail there is no mechanical back up, ie. a keyway
looking at the breakdown,

it looks like it uses locking pawls rather than ball bearings, so you could likely Shim it open if you had to… Or bolt cutters/ angle grinder of course

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Master key

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@Amal, do you have any gen 1 sparks laying around that you want to sell? I am going to buy one of these padlocks, and I would rather have another spark. If not, I will purchase the xSLX in lieu.

looks like it was sold but you could try

Hopefully Amal sees this post.
Might be worth also using help button on DT store…


Actually, I should update/remove that guide… this is better;

I do have one in a drawer still… i think… i’ll check.


Yeah he used that too, but the guide looked more serious. My next is in (since yesterday), reads NFC already, but I’ll leave the bandage on until this noon and take a look.

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I use a u lock and a chain. I take the battery off my bike when I go inside as it is worth more than the rest of the bike.

So I am either buying these today or

I am not sure about the latter, as it seems they use a proprietary nfc tag? I am unable to find out what kind of tag it is, and why you would have to punch in 4 numbers into the app to make it work.

I can only speak to the egeetouch anecdotally, But the earlier ones at least worked with the xNT and the FlexNT, I’m not sure if they have kept the same protocol.
or even whether it is looking for NTAG216 or ISO14443A, if it’s the latter, then you will have a lot more implants to choose from.

??? 2FA ??? unless that is just an alternative unlock method?

The QuickLock you will need either a Spark original or xSLX. BUT you could also grab a QuickLock door lock at some stage and you have a matching pair :spades::clubs:

I think it is one of those things, whereby it is easier to decide once you get “hands on”;
Maybe buy both from Amazon and return the one less suited to your needs, THEN furnish and submit here on the forum, a 1000 word essay as to the suitability and pros and cons of each lock for a biohacker, its compatibility and security and all rounded off with a strong conclusion…actually, you might need to make it 2000 words :wink:

Yeah, I suppose I can do this. Not like it will make a mark on Bezos account.

I need to contribute something to this forum. Good idea

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Haha, You contribute plenty…:+1:
I was only Joking.
A simple
This lock works with this implant would be awesome :wink: