My Samsung door lock broke

After 3 years it finally broke.

Do they still work with our implants? I thought I read something awhile ago that said they no longer work? Is that the case?

If so is there a replacement model that does work?

As far as I remember the firmware was updated, and they stopped working for some reason

I believe at least 1 person was successful in physically connecting to the board somehow and manually reverting the firmware, but it was an involved process

I wonder why we can’t just clone whatever’s on the fobs perfectly onto an implant

What broke about it? All mine are still going strong after many many years

It appears the motor that actually turns the lock stopped worked.

It was stuck in the lock position so I couldn’t get in my house. Had to go through the garage, and remove the lock from the mounting plate to get it to release. When I reattached it, the motor just clicks really loudly when trying to lock/unlock

Sounds like some the teeth on one of the gears broke off.

What lock model and implant do you have?

I would be interested in seeing an autopsy of the lock.

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This thread may help