My Story - of implants, removals and parents

Hey DT,

This may or may not be a long story, but I just wanted to share my journey will you all. Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone especially the DT team for making all this possible. Well, where do I start. Without knowing much about biohacking I dived into the deep end and purchased a xLED 125khz for myself and a xSIID for my mate, we ended up shipping it to his house as my parents like to sometime open my packages.

So, Feb the 18th comes, and we are anxiously waiting for the notification that his parcel has arrived. And it did. He came over to my house, where he was shitting himself and couldn’t even watch me do it and was laughing after about how much he over reacted. I had a basketball game that night and the second I got home which was roughly around 11pm, I had a shower and decided to self-implant. Which it was successful. I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing I was now a cyborg, keeping my arm elevated above my heart to slow the blood flow.

The next week of recovery was completely normal and pretty speedy if anything. It wasn’t until the second day it was in my hand where I realised, I bought the RFID frequency and not the NFC one, as I intended to have it light up when my iPhone hovered over it. I made posts as some of you know and other stuff including planning my next 2/3 implants.

Well, my parents found the plastic that the loaded syringe came in and questioned me about it. Of course, I had to fess up, there was no hiding that. So fast forward a bit my family GP checks it out and says he’s not comfortable to remove it. Mind you I am only 17 years old, and I turn 18 in July. As my parents didn’t want it in MY body, they wanted another GP to remove it (yes, I know they cheated on my normal GP).

The doctor that attempted to remove my chip used a local anaesthetic and butchered the job. Because they used so much of it, they could not see where the chip was and cut blindly into my hand, digging around. Both me and my mum were uncomfortable with how aggressive and gung-ho she approached the situation, and just glued up the wound. Well, the next day I ripped the wound open because the glue couldn’t hold it and she just stuck a band-aid on it and said it will be all good.

Now my parents wanted to go to a hand specialist that the same doctor who butchered my hand recommended. Can I just say that if my family GP found out, he would’ve been pissed off that my parents went and took me to another doctor. We met the surgeon where he said he would cut directly over it so he could assess it and see the nerves etc and then remove it. I said to him that it was suggested to put on the top and push it put to where he said he would be cutting blindly. I was going to have a general anaesthetic so I wouldn’t be awake for it in case there were any complications. The procedure was booked for Wednesday the 13th of April.

So, the day before my procedure, we get a call saying the surgeon is sick and it has to be pushed to the 20th instead. So, I wait another week and the day comes. I go to hospital, wait for like 5 hours and then woke up. Can I just mention that the whole time through the procedure I could feel and hear everything around me? It was almost like I was paralysed.

So now is the 29th of April and I’m recovering pretty well, I have the dissolvable stitches in my hand and I’m going to make my return to basketball tonight with my hand being taped up. Amal was kind enough to offer me a replacement for when I turn 18 as well! So, thanks Amal, and all the mods for their hard work and dedicationm and thanks to everyone who makes DT possible and keep the Forums going.

Well anyways, that’s my story and if you stuck to the end, I just wanted to say thanks for your time. And if anyone is wondering yes, I will be getting more implants the day I turn 18 :blush:


general anesthetic seems extremely out of place for a simple subdermal hand surgery. I’m confused by this approach, since IV anesthetic carries its own risks that are not insignificant.

Unless this was “twilight sleep” (by design), that is a serious indication that you may need a big red sticker on your medical record. Definitely talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist about this because if this was not on purpose, then you may need alternative drugs to achieve the desired effect - feel and hear and experience nothing. Unless this is sorted out, you are at risk of undergoing major surgery without proper anesthetic sleep.

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Thanks amal, i will look into it because this was not meant to happen.


How the surgeon said was that it could be a 1 minute job or a 1 hour job, so a general would be easier incase it would take longer than anticipated


Or do as Amal suggests, use a local anesthetic and it is a 1 minute job.

I have to say that if this was me I would be reporting the second doctor and the surgeon for what I consider to be ethically dubious practices. I prefer minimally invasive techniques as there is less risk of complications. Local anesthetic carries less risks than general anesthetic. The second doctor in particular sounds dangerous.

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yeh i know. the doctor who used too much anesthetic couldn’t even see where it was and cut blindly. so stupid

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No anesthetic, not even a scar

X series removal from forearm - YouTube


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i actually like the scar because it will be there forever and i will never forget my first implant. although it may not be there, i have the scar to prove it! i did want to get an xray at one point of my hand and display it in my room. it thought that was pretty cool lol